Blue Flu gaining national attention

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- News of the Blue Flu and Memphis's pension problems is spreading across the country, and some worry what it will do to the Bluff City's image.

With 546 officers out sick, many in protest of health care cuts, business owners and Memphians think it could hurt Memphis's chance for future growth.

Mayor A C Wharton said Memphis doesn't look any worse than places that also struggle with high crime rates, like Chicago.

He's confident, even with the LA Times and Newsweek publicizing the problems, the city's image is secure.

Others, like Memphis resident Angel Jackson, aren't so sure. Jackson is a school teacher and a very new business owner. She opened her food truck, The Fresh Grind two days ago. As a business woman, she worries protests over health care cuts made to police, fire and city workers may deter new businesses from coming to Memphis.

"It depends on what the city decides to do about it," she said.

She wants to see a change, and with news of Memphis's problems spreading nationally, she said it needs to happen soon.

"Do something rash! Do something great! Do something big in order to get this taken care of," she said.

However, Mayor Wharton said when it comes to image we are no worse than any other big city.

"Cities across America are struggling, whether it's finance or crime or whatever," he said. "I don't hear anyone saying they're going to stay out of Chicago after all the shootings and killings they had there over the weekend."

He agrees something must be done and hopes, instead of basing opinions on our problems, the nation will focus on what we do to fix them.

"The question is not whether you have challenges," he said. "The question is what you're doing about it. Are you fighting back? And that's exactly what we're doing."


  • Thisisstupid

    No one wants to move here…not many want to visit…If I didn’t live here I would not visit this city..Its the armpit of America right now.

    • Cary Miller

      You are totally clueless. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tourists in Memphis right now from all over this country and the world. Young professionals are moving here in droves to work in our growing biomedical center, St. Jude, LeBonheur, and UT Medical. Memphis is undergoing a renaissance of retail, entertainment, and biomedical growth. Please just move.

      • mbba9633

        Are you a comedian? No one is coming in droves lol. Hundreds even thousands of tourists here? I can’t stop laughing at your post. There’s no way you live here Bc nothing in your post is true. Great news we’re shoving millions to reopen Raleigh springs mall lol. You know the mall that businesses ran from Bc crime and business was so bad? If you’re a taxpayer here, and I hope you are, I hope you give your idiotic mayor a call for wasting even more of your money. Either you’re drunk or stoned to post a comment like yours lolll

  • Leilani Greenwood

    Other than being an Elvis Presley die heart fan, or to visit the Lorraine Motel Civil Right Museum why come? The only thing Memphis is good for is building buildings, and no attractions for tourists.

    • Cary Miller

      You really need to get out more. I guess you have never visited downtown, Overton Square, Cooper-Young, any of our museums, Stax, Sun Studio, Gibson Guitar, seen a pro basketball game, been to our zoo, or visited the riverfront. Downtown is bursting with tourists from all over the world right now. We have tons of history, music, culture, and hospitality. All kinds of festivals. 200 restaurants downtown alone. Home of rock ‘n roll, and birthplace of the blues.

      • mbba9633

        The only thing down town is bursting with is crime. The ball games you speak of aren’t even half filled in attendance. I’ve been to several grizzlies and red birds games. We spent millions on autozone park that only a couple thousand attend. That was stupid to buy when there are schools without ac. This city will never let race go Bc race sells. I’ve been here 20 years and it’s never changed. The individual who stated race is whats killing this city is exactly correct. This city is stuck in the 50s and 60s. The only tourists going downtown are people in this area looking to get drunk on Beale. You’re out of touch. No one goes to cooper young except ppl who live there lol. Insane.

  • Dedrick

    City of Memphis and Shelby County Government should merge and become Metro Shelby County like Nashville. There is too much duplication of services. They need to adopt Lean Six Sigma and reduce waste. Nobody wants to give up power but it’s hurting Memphis and Shelby County. Think about how much money can be saved and how fast the city could grow. I couldn’t wait to leave Memphis after I graduated college because the city is so divided.

    • mbba9633

      Agree 100% this city is selling racism and its citizens are buying it hook line and sinker. Racism sells and it’s our biggest export. Memphis truly is the armpit of Tennessee and it’ll be in my rear view mirror as soon as I retire.

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