Ukraine orphans experience life with a family in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Clashes continue this week between Pro-Russian insurgents and government troops in Ukraine.

While that is happening, some children from the war-torn country are getting a chance to experience a different kind of life.

Helen Keene is host mom for Project 143 which changes the lives of orphan children by letting them experience what life is like as part of a family.

Children are living with a family for 4-8 weeks over the summer or winter holidays.

Host families can share their values, beliefs and culture.

Most of the children would age out of an orphanage without ever knowing how to act within a family unit if it weren't for Project 143.


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  • Orphan World Guy (@orphanworldguy)

    Many children are being displaced right now in Ukraine. One of the programs that Orphan World Relief supports has been able to support many refugee orphans and children. The need for support has never been greater. Doug Riggle, President, Orphan World Relief

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