Lovers quarrel leaves one dead at Memphis motel

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police say a man was shot and killed around 4:30 a.m. at the Days Inn on American Way between Lamar and Getwell.

According to investigators, the victim was at the hotel with a woman when his ex-girlfriend showed up and the former couple argued.

Investigators say she left, then returned later with another man.

The two men argued and the ex-boyfriend was shot.

Officers stopped the suspect on I-240 near Lamar where they discovered he had accidentally shot himself.

He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police are still searching for the ex-girlfriend.



  • impulse item

    Spend a little time around these people and you will understand why there is so much “black on black” violence.

  • Ricky

    Democrats overwhelmingly reach for the gun over Jesus. Proven here, in Primate Canyon, and in all Democrat hotbeds daily.

  • Arthur

    Black on Black crime..Wash, Rinse, Repeat. If you live in Memphis, it is time to move for the sake of your family. Don’t be the next stabbing or shooting victim. Most stabbings and shootings never make the news, ask any Med worker and they will confirm this.

  • Don

    Investigators say she left then returned later with another man. That man is suspected of shooting the victim.
    How stupid can you get They opened the door the second time to let her in along with the thug with a gun.
    Just as stupid, Thug shot himself in the leg. I would think the Rocket company the thug works for will give him time off for him to recuperate.
    By the time the police got there the hourly fee for the room was about to expire.

    • Dumb.Guy.Will...

      Shooting yourself in the leg (or a more personal location!) is pretty common if you stash your piece in your pants and are too excited when you draw! She brought “backup” and left him to fend for himself afterwards.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    I’m thinkin’ the national guard needs to be the police in memphis,,also in chicago. Both are crime cess pools.

  • Arthur

    If the ex-girlfriend is Henri Brooks….then she aint got nuthen to worry about, right judge?

  • nicole

    I really hate ignorant ppl always listening to DA media dat was my brother and fa DA dumbass dat said he let dem in he got shot outside and regardless my brother don’t bother NOBODY he didn’t deserve this it’s stupid hoes like her dat pt ppl life in jeopardy because dey can’t move on stupid fucks

    • jihn

      This comment can’t be serious !! He doesn’t bother anyone, but yet made the local news. LOL!

    • Dumb.Guy.Will...

      Wait a minute… “I really hate ignorant ppl “? What self-hatred and loathing you must have for yourself if this is an example. I’m sorry for your loss and I’m sure there are many things that are not public knowledge about this situation.

    • angela

      You didn’t spell anything correct but you hate ignorant people?? All you have to do is Google your brothers name and his record pops up.He bothered a lot of people: burglary, domestic assualt, vandalism….the list goes on and less, two less fools off the streets.

    • tee

      Stop DA shit…DA the guy that died wasn’t a saint….he had a warrant….find ya facts and get them rite….my brother was g his MF self na get u sum business…. Now what?????? Action news that!!!!!

    • Kristen

      Nicole, I am sorry for your loss and all the ugly comments posted. I knew your brother for a short time, everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect!! I only knew your brother this last year since returning back to memphis, I must say, he always showed me respect, if I called just needing to vent, he would listen… I have much respect for him!!! I hate seeing all these ugly and nasty, disrespectful comments in a time of a sudden devastating loss. It’s just really ugly! After all, the young man shot and killed is someone’s son, brother, DAD, friend, etc. again, so sorry for the loss of your brother, my prayers are with you and your family!! Such a sad loss of such a really nice guy I had the pleasure to know! God bless!


    You mean that people really do stay in those motels on Lamar ??? I just thought that you went there to ………well…… know………oh, nevermind.

  • jcathyc

    no one deserves to loose their life. move on he did he nolonger wanted you move the hell on

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