New GPS Bracelet helps keep track of kids

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's one of the newest ways to know where your children are and this one  doesn't force you to give them a cell phone. It`s a bracelet.

"We did a lot of research and found out there just isn't anything like this," says the bracelet's developer, Jason Hicks.

The  Kidsport GPS is a colorful wristband or ankle bracelet with a built-in GPS tracker. It promises to tell you almost exactly where your kids are, when you want to know.

The Kidsport is also a big help if a child is abducted. If the bracelet is removed or cut off, it sends an alert to your cell phone. There`s also a panic button kids can push to send a warning.

"We all kind of long for that freedom that we had as kids, that our kids could have that. They'll never have the freedom we did, but they can certainly have more freedom so that we can know exactly where they are," says Kim Anderson, a mom.

The inventors say the possibilities are endless, from the neighborhood to the park to the playground and calls are coming from everywhere. They are getting  all sorts of calls, from parents with kids with autism, to parents going to Disney world.

It's a simple idea to provide a big help for worried parents.

There are other GPS bracelets and watches for kids sold online, but if you like this one, it costs $129. You can pre-order it online.


  • Steph

    More info? How far can it track for one. Guess I’m gonna have to look the thing up to get any real info.

      • Steph

        Even Google isn’t saying. I am not that stupid. I know how to look things up. Just starting that WREG should have given more info

  • Nomi Draper

    I thought of this long ago. AND suggested it to a well known person. I think its a great help for parents in these times when children are so at risk, anywhere, anytime, even at home.

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