Toddler pulled from hot car in Cordova

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CORDOVA, Tenn. — A toddler was pulled from a car after Shelby County deputies and Shelby County firefighters smashed a window.

Both were called to a grocery store parking lot at 1230 N. Houston Levee Road Saturday.

The child was found in a Nissan Altima.

According to a release, “The toddler was left unattended in the locked car, windows up, not running, and parked in direct sunlight. Outside temperatures were over 90 degrees during this incident.”

The 15-month-old girl is in stable condition at Le Bonheur Children’s condition

The parents, Brittany Zanetti and Matthew Brown were found inside of the store where they were detained by deputies.

“Both Zanetti and Brown stated that they knowingly left the child unattended in the vehicle while they went shopping.”

They have both been charged with Child Abuse/Neglect Under 6 Years Old and are being held in the custody of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Leslie

    Maybe someone should strap them in a car in 90+ degree weather with no way to get out. They will then have a taste of their own medicine. The whole, “I forgot the kid was in the car.” story, BS! I don’t believe it for a second & I am so glad law enforcement doesn’t either.

  • Krystin Johnson

    Notice it says they knowingly left the child in the car while they went shopping….well at least they told the truth instead of coming up with the dumb f$&king excuse saying they forgot…..Drugs are so powerful…..just monsters!!!!

  • DetlaEB

    What a shame. Not married and white, too. They need to be taught a hard lesson by the authorities. Hope a relative comes forward and takes the baby..

    • jinx

      And what the hell does being white have to do with anything?! Skin color has no play in being an idiot.

    • Kimm N. Sloan

      Um it has nothing to do with being white, or married or not. They admitted to leaving her in the car, they obviously were too lazy to get her out, because she was probably asleep, and didn’t want to wake her. I was at the store with my grand kids (i’m the babysitter), and they both fell asleep in the car, and I had no problem getting them out, I am 45, fat and white and so? I would never leave my babies in the car EVER, because I am not stupid or dumb I know it’s hot and they shouldn’t be left alone EVER anyway. This isn’t about race, whether you are married or not, now if they were on drugs maybe but still no excuse. It’s all just ppl not being responsible. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD….

      • L

        I so agree with your statment . POINT BLANK you don’t leave a child ina car un attended locked in HOT OR COLD. To many people in the world want babys and cant have them .

  • johnathan

    Let pray for these kids an let’s pray for all kids no child should be left in no car jus like you grab ur purse an ur keys but forget ur baby NO you have to be held accountable for leaving ur baby for hours an a hot car . SMH

  • austinandjustin

    @Detlaeb exactly what did not being married or white have to do with what they did? What they did was criminal, what you said was . . . exactly what were you trying to prove?

  • Kay

    yes, they are a waste of air and space and have reproduced. God help this child and the poster who said so many people really want kids and these POS have them and dont care whether the child lives or dies. sorry. They do not need the child back or it will eventually end up dead. wake up child protective services, do not give this child back to them.
    They cant take care of themselves much less a little infant. sorry POS>

  • Lois Porter

    As much as you hear this on the news, you would think people would know better. This baby doesn’t need to go to a family member either, most children who end up with a family member goes back to the abuser.

  • Alexander

    they deserve to be charged with attempted murder of a child, and have the book thrown at them, Humans do not treat their children like animals or worse, as bad as dog fighting

    • Megan M

      I agree 100%. Maybe coupled with abuse and neglect, with NO plea bargains, something will change.

  • alicia

    Sad. I worked with this girl years ago and while she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box , I never would have thought she could be this dumb.

  • Marsha

    Probably wanted to get rid of this child. You know the type…probably had a life insurance policy on the kid. These type of people are the worse. The ones that knowingly do it..they didn’t just forget. :-(

  • Megan M

    I really hope that these people and all others who leave their children and animals in hot cars get maximum punishment. Once we make this an intolerable crime, it might happen less often. There should never be an excuse for stupity that ends in the death of an innocent. Period.

    • Sandra Blume

      Ron, are you really that stupid. It is beyond my comprehension that a parent or responsible adult could ever leave a child or infant in a car like that. I had three kids of my own and 25 foster infants and I never ever could have forgotten one of them in a hot car.

    • Nikki

      You did read the past where it said they knew the baby was in the car and purposely left it there to shop? That wasn’t a “mess up” that was attempted murder. It’s not that hard to take your kid in the store with you. Your reasoning is invalid.

    • Whatever

      Everyone messes up??? Messing up involves forgetting to turn the coffee pot off or take the trash out. A responsible parent would never forget their child is in the backseat of the car. These idiots did it on purpose.

    • Karen buchanan

      Are you for real?? These people are stupid and should not be able to reproduce. Charge them with attempted murder because it is!!

  • Renee

    The child didn’t sneak into the car all by itself. It had to be put in the car. I don’t care how stupid you are you don’t forget 10 minutes later that you have placed a baby in a restraint. You don’t forget. This is attempted murder and should be punished as such.

  • Joe

    Criticizing these parents for being mor0ns and leaving a child in a hot car (esp. with the Justin Ross Harris case all over the news) is fine and justified.

    Criticizing these parents as hoodrats and/or drug users (which no one who doesn’t know them personally would even know) is beyond idi0tic, assumptive, and just downright annoying to read. Be sensible, people. Goodness is everyone as stupid as the stupid people who always get interviewed on the news?

  • Evette

    It always scares me that 2 people can be that stupid! I mean you would think one of them would have said “both of us don’t need to go in the store….one of us needs to stay with the baby”
    The fact that NEITHER one of them saw anything wrong with it….you know they have done tons of other stupid shyte and just never got caught.

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