Southwind/Windyke homeowners get one last appeal to stop annexation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Neighbors in Southwind and Windyke are gearing up for one last battle with the city of Memphis over annexation. An appeals court ruling this week gives the go-ahead for Memphis to begin the process of making them city residents.

Southwind residents were supposed to be annexed at the end of last year but they got a restraining order from a local judge to keep that from happening. Now that restraining order is null and void because a Tennesee Appeals Court overturned the restraining order.

Southwind neighbors are still fighting to keep their independence from the city of Memphis on this Fourth of July. It's a fight that started in the early '90s.

"We have no comment at this time and we refer you to our attorney Mr. Wilkins," said the man who identified himself as the Southwind Homeowner's Association President.

He said he's leaving comments up to their lawyer. However, residents not part of the official board are talking, especially those who live in Windyke, the other neighborhood tied to this annexation.

"No, we are not tired of fighting. We're going to fight as long as we have to," said Donald Garner, a Windyke homeowner.

Homeowners say there's nothing Memphis has they want or need.

"Nobody out here needs any services from the city of Memphis. We have everything. Sheriff's department. Garbage collection. What can they offer? Street lights," said Rick Denson, another Windyke homeowner.

The city's attorney, Allan Wade, says he's pleased with the court's decision and the city is studying its next step. The next step might be back into court since the two neighborhoods can make one last appeal to the state supreme court.

"You've got more taxes. More taxation. The taxes that they get now, they're not properly used to start with. All they want is more money," said Garner.

The residents have 60 days to appeal. If not, those street lights and green garbage cans that belong to the city will likely begin arriving in their neighborhoods soon after.

The lawyer representing the neighborhood association, Attorney Ricky Wilkins, is also running for U.S. Congress. WREG reached out to Wilkins for a comment but hasn't heard anything yet.


  • MikeBarret

    What city will the FedEx St Jude Classic be moving to? Nobody will show up if it’s at a course in the ghetto.

  • Ghettofying Da Nnation

    ♫We commin’ for your stuff. Soon your suburbs will be….♫

    ♫Just like Memphis!♫

    ♫Everything will be smellin’ like liquor and hurbs….

    ♫Just like Memphis!♫

    ♫Everything will be wrecked and kicked to the curb…♫

    ♫Just like Memphis!♫

    ♫Ya’ll in Southwind can’t say a word….♫

    ♫Just like in Memphis!♫


  • browning

    it not seem obvious that if a family “wanted” to live in memphis they would have chosen to ? this is one of many areas that is destroying the area, they have ruined the city school system, then dumped on the county with the same bunch who ruined the city schools, about closed the airport, mismanagement, drunks & poll dancers supposedly making decision for the city, exploding crime, then hire a supt who has never run a school system & give him an extension to coincide with a grossly over paid salary,……people vote with their feet, they got tired of excuses while watching misfits scramble everything, then want you to bail em out by paying higher taxes to cover their ponzi losses because they cant manage. they are run most of the biz tax base off & if their solution is grabbing more subdivisions, its only going to motivate those to move further away. you catch bees with honey, not vinegar heads like wharton & herenton who are clueless. no wonder W Memphis, Desoto Co & Fayette are booming. Those $60,000 a year salaried garbage truck drivers has caught up with em & now they cant pay the school tab much less the benefits of those unfortunate ones that have entered retirement. every one of those elected bums should be held accountable & personally liable for gross mismanagement. one of multiple reasons we moved out, let em have it (whats left)….like mongrels fighting over a carcass….

  • J. Hudson

    Memphis ‘annexation’ is just like a cancer… it “takes over”, infects & kills what it wants to, and there seems to be Nothing anyone can do about it*.. (all for the sake of more tax dollars the council[s] can Waste, abuse, and find more* ways to get into their Own pockets)! And the “appeals procedure” is just like that of the health”care” appeals ‘process’… denied*, denied**, denied***.
    I’ll pray for you, Southwind & Windyke… Maybe you will get lucky – – but from what I’ve noticed in the 30+ years of watching Memphis destroy itself and every area it has ‘infected’, this cancer doesn’t seem to have a cure.

  • Hudson

    I agree with BROWNING about the gross mismanagement, and who all should be held accountable for the retirement funds – that* and your other points … well said.
    And as far as the St. Jude Classic respone, also a ‘Yep*. I figure one, maybe 2 more(max) tournaments (IF the course and the area survive that* long)… even if the Southwind course attornies could find a way to have the course excluded From the annexation, the area Will become.. “not exactly what the PGA had in mind for one of it’s tournament spots”. Has anything inside* “Memphis” Ever* qualified for an equally prestigious event.. and Kept* that honor..(‘Memphis in May BBQ Festival’ isn’t quite the same, btw)?
    So they will eliminate that distinction, and ‘tourist dollars’, as well.

    …I wonder if the Southwind attornies could sue Memphis for the loss of their spot on the PGA tour…[if that happens]..?

  • Noneya

    It is so ridiculous…..but yall might as well get ready…either pack your stuff or stand by and watch your tax dollars get spent on everything but what it should. Your chances are slim to none. I remember when they started building over there. The whole punch was “County !!!! no city taxes!!!” Then everybody ran over there. Now look. Take your money somewhere else because the city already got plans for it… paying six figure salaries!!!
    You see what happen to Bartlett

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