Man’s throat slashed and ear cut off in gruesome murder

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BENTON COUNTY, Miss. – Instead of celebrating America’s birth, a family in Benton County is mourning the death of a loved one.

“You shouldn't take something you can't give back,” said Betty Thomas, the victim’s cousin.

Someone brutally killed Derrick Sanders and dumped his naked body off Highway 7 in the small town of Lamar. The details of his death are gruesome.

“His throat was split. He has a wide cut by the neck. He was shot several times. They cut his ear off. They beat him badly,” said Sanders’ sister, Latora Cotton.

Feet away from where Sanders’ family found his body, they also saw his clothing scattered across their front yard.

“It's nothing I want to see again in my life. I never want to see that again. That was horrifying. That was absolutely devastating,” said the victim’s cousin, Wyhem Patterson.

What's really puzzling for the family is the time frame that all this happened. Early Friday morning, Sanders was actually with his family kicking off the holiday weekend. Two hours later, his body was found.

Sanders spent the last couple weeks planning a huge holiday get-together for everyone at his home, but now his family planning his funeral and hoping whoever killed him is caught soon.

“No one deserves that, no one. They treated him like he was nothing,” said Cotton.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is helping out the Benton County Sheriff’s Department with this investigation. So far, they’ve made no arrests.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 662-224-8941.


  • AVP

    Please be considerate of this family during their period of grief. It does not matter the race or gender. We should all be in prayer for the family.

    • Gotcha

      This just sounds all so familiar, especially in mississippi..Where racism thrives & law enforcement are stuck in the “slavery days”…Pray for his family..Whoever did this will suffer as much as he did.

      • sickofit

        Let me tell you I work law enforcement in MS, times have changed the since the Jim Crow days. Myself and the people I work with do not like or allow this kind of treatment to anyone and would bring anybody to justice that would do this. My prayers go out to the family no one deserves this and I believe the Benton County Sheriff will work until they catch these criminals and justice is served.

      • Gary

        You want to live in the past ,have you had your head buried in the sand or just real prejudiced against white people . Most of the cities and towns in Mississippi have black police chiefs and a lot of the counties have black Sheriffs and do a real good job. What makes you so sure of racial prejudice in this case how do you not know that maybe a black person or persons might have done this gruesome crime.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    I am so sorry. the whole famIly In my thoughts and prayers. I sIncerely hope they catch whomever dId thIs to hIm..such a tragedy!

  • FacePalm

    I feel so sorry for this man’s family. I cannot fathom the horror they have experienced finding their family member the way they did. They are in my prayers and I hope they get the help they need in order to move forward. I hope law enforcement finds those responsible for this horrendous crime and fast. To those responsible I say to them what goes around comes around. You can’t be that s h i t t y of a human being and expect to go on in life with out serious consequences. One way or another your uppins are coming.

  • The truth

    See that’s what’s wrong with folks. Ppl wanta call him a thief and shyte. If you haven’t seen him do it. Shut up. Instead of judging give ppl a chance to go back into society and do better. My condolences do go out to the family. No one shouldn’t be killed like that. Criminal or not ♡

  • j

    this is a horrible thing. what sense does it make? it’s a slaughter of a human being, and if this human being race has not improved beyond the Neanderthal level, than we as a race of people is beyond help. LORD help us all!

  • just saying

    This is sickening. It also looks really personal: you don’t beat someone and torture them, then dump their body–not just anywhere–but at their home, naked. That’s not just a murder, that’s a lot of anger and someone making a sadistic personal statement.

  • Secret

    First off he was a male and he was an African American All his family in the background was black sooo what can you predict ? . It really doesn’t matter what info the news gave it was enough for you all to know he was tortured, severely beat & murdered. Next time think before asking rude questions. Think about the family feelings also

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