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Neighbors claim to see a wanted rape suspect on the run in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Neighbors in North Memphis claim to have seen a rape suspect on the run. They said Dontel Morgan tried to break into a home, and after spotting him, they chased him off and called police.

Wendy Zuniga said she was doing yard work when she saw a strange man trying to hop her fence on Weiner Road Thursday night. She screamed for help scaring him off.

"He went around the house and then took off running," she said.

Brenda Albarado and her kids were outside their home a few doors down on Jamerson when they claim saw the same man run past them.

"He was kind of running and walked through the yard right here, and then got in a white car and drove off," she said.

WREG showed Albarado a picture of wanted sexual battery suspect Dontel Morgan.

"That's him. He had a red shirt on and tan shorts," she said.

Albarado and everyone else who saw the man are certain it was Morgan.

"Red shirt and khaki pants. I know for a fact that was him," said Foster looking at the picture.

Police are looking for Morgan after they said he held two women at gunpoint inside their Hickory Hill apartment last month while he robbed and sexually assaulted them. A few days later, officers said he struck a woman at another Hickory Hill apartment, but she got away.

"We ran to another street to tell the cop, and they wrote it down," said Albarado's daughter Marilyn.

Albarado and Zuniga told police what happened.

All MPD would tell WREG is two homes on Weiner were broken into around the same time neighbors claim they saw Morgan, but no suspect description was given to the dispatcher.

Reports were filed, but WREG was unable to get them because of the holiday.

"I know that is him. I know it is without a doubt," said Zuniga.

Zuniga is afraid the man she saw was looking for his next victim.

On Friday night, this neighborhood full of families and kids is hoping police catch whoever it was before he comes back.

"We are going to go to church tomorrow and pray that this is over," said Marilyn Albarado.

Morgan is wanted for numerous charges including sexual battery, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary.

If you know where he is, call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.


  • Don

    If AC sees the Mug Shot, he will order Toney to STAND DOWN. there is a blue flu going on.
    Well, maybe might catch him.
    I saw a MPD cruiser with blues and siren going doing about 25 MPH on a street was posted 45 mph. There is something going on, but I don’t know what it is, maybe he was conserving gas.

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