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Man arrested for flashing women, children

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man accused of flashing women and children has been arrested.

Forty-seven-year-old L.V. Kimber is facing several counts of indecent exposure and sexual exploitation of a minor.

Kimber's arrest came after three weeks of searching and police asking for the public's help.

No one on the 800 block of Woodland wanted to talk about the crime. The topic was so touchy for members of the community that one woman even called police in an attempt to get WREG to leave.

"All it takes is a whole lot of prayer and for him to seek help," Laquinton Underwood said.

Underwood cuts grass in the area and is a father of two young girls.  He thinks whatever may have led a man to expose himself is much deeper than it appears.

"Some of the troubles that he probably been through he might been abused," Underwood said. "He probably been sexually harassed himself."

Underwood understood why no one in the neighborhood would talk about the crime.  He claimed the area is crawling with registered sex offenders.

"Running them out the neighborhood it just ain't going to really solve nothing because another one could come the next following day," Underwood said.

WREG did not find Kimber on the Tennessee sex offender registry, but Underwood said if he's found guilty he hopes he'll get the help he needs.

Kimber is expected in court on Monday morning.