Is Henri Brooks using commission attention to fuel her next campaign?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --There are only two months left in Henri Brooks' term on County Commission, but she's using it to bring attention to her other political campaign.

Brooks said, "One must have due process. And you all know this what I've been fighting for, for children."

Chancellor Armstrong agreed with Brooks yesterday, and said the county attorney had no right to boot her off the board.

Brooks claims Armstrong's ruling proves she was denied due process, the same problem she says kids face in the juvenile justice system.

She said, "Now that I can feel that I can move faster, I can move more aggressively and be even more committed in my fight for the children for juvenile court clerk."

In the past two months, Brooks is accused of making racially insensitive comments, hinting another commissioner is part of the KKK, got charged with assaulting a woman, booted off the commission. Now on Monday she'll return, all while she campaigns for one of the most important positions in Shelby County.

In the meantime, her fellow commissioners try to hammer out a final budget and tax rate for the fiscal year that already started.

On Monday, commissioners must decide if they should try to prove Brooks lives outside her district to force her out early, or move on to the business that must be done.


  • Hard Truths

    She actually made a martyr of her fellow idiot from Millington with her reckless, racist comments.

    She needs an extended stay in a psychiatric facility, NOT elective office.

    • Jim

      The black judged ruled in Henri Brooks favor. To the surprise of no one, who has lived in Memphis for the last 20 years. I guess she can live anywhere she wants and no one can touch her now. Taking care of their own in Little Detroit. Do you blame the whites for leaving the city in record numbers?

      • Hard Truths

        Nothing wrong with the Chancellor. Not a racial thing. He simply said that proper procedures had not been followed to oust her. This is a legal issue, a procedural issue, and to inject race into the discussion is to sink as low as Henri Brooks herself. Go to law school if you want to argue — and especially, blow off, legal procedure.

        He did NOT say she should not be ousted. He did NOT rule on the merits.

        I know this goes way over your pointed little head.

      • Twiz1

        Well as soon as they finish their important business, they should finish the investigation. If she is found to have not lived in her district they should sue her to collect back her illegal paychecks she received. If its found that in any of the elections that she ran in, that she wasn’t a resident as she ran they should also charge her with election fraud.

  • Dennis

    What I want to know is did the “Chancellor” have her prove where she lives?. If she falsified her petition for Juvenile Court she will never be elected without going back to court.

  • KeepMeUpdated

    The key is nailing her with the perjury charges & falsification of official documents. This needs to be investigated by an outside federal agency, with maximum exposure to avoid “cover-ups”. She has a proven record of financial instability, and she has not taken care of her “old” district in a fair, lawful manner. She needs to pay back what she has taken from the taxpayer – she must be held accountable. She has been looking for a replacement job these last few years, as she knew this would be her last term due to term limits. She has been camping out around Juvenile Court trying to slide into a position there. She does not desire any more time, money, resources, support or benefits from Shelby county taxpayers!

  • Arthur

    Where does Henri Brooks live? Anywhere she wants too. If you have a problem with that take it up with the black judges and their due process arguments. Assault charges against Brooks?, the judges will take care of that little problem as well. No wonder, Memphis is the laughing stock of the State of Tennessee. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

    • 1midtownmike

      It’s really sad DA Amy’s office won’t pursue this, but her political opponent is just as bigoted and racist as Brooks, so it’s a no win for Weirich. That doesn’t excuse her for being spineless… just goes to show you that their are a lot of cowards who are afraid to defend the morals of truth all in the name of “political correctness.”

  • Elwood Suggins

    I guess this means that Sheriffs deputies and other county employees just have to have a physical address in Shelby County and can live in any county and state they want to. Now is times to take advantage of this situation.

    • John

      No, the employees are only governed by questionable residency policies. Elected officials are governed by strict law.

  • Insanity in America

    I wonder what address she has on her voter registration card? Her drivers license? Does she vote in twice, one where she lives and one where she represents? I guess under the current ruling she could live in Detroit and still be representing those in Memphis. Then she throws out “the children” It’s always the children. City needs money, its the children. Just say the children and anything goes in todays politics. The insanity from these judges defies belief. The woman refuses to show any official document to show where she lives. She refuses to answer questions about where she lives. All the judge had to do was ask her to present some “PROOF” of her residence and this would have been settled. NOPE the judge just dumped it back in the laps of the politicians and this could go on for years.

    • KeepMeUpdated

      Would you take your children to a daycare/school with adults present that had lied numerous times, shown proven financial instabilities & bankruptcy claims, uttered offensive racial comments, and other atrocities? Why would you want a proven tax liability anywhere near a public entity?

      INSANITY, I am with you. The community needs to demand outside help from federal prosecutors. The community must have compensation for wasted tax money and false representation. Brooks (and others like her) must be held accountable for past deficiencies!

    • Ric

      Under Tennessee law she lives where her drivers license says she resides, period. You have 10 days to change it after moving, or you can be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. Auto registration should be cross checked too!

      The corrupt Wharton regime protecting her is powerless in Nashville, call her bluff!!

  • Tack

    This is the city where people vote into office people like Willie Herenton, Janice Fullilove, John Ford, Ophelia Ford, Henri Brooks, Kenneth Whalum…… need I go on? They whitewash history by removing parks named after people they don’t like.

    Black people are correct. This is the most racist city in the world!

    Now, does anyone want to discuss a test you have to pass in order to vote? We need to purge anyone stupid enough to vote for these people over and over again.

  • Howard Stern

    ‘Hard Truths’ is a complete dumbf*ck. If the evidence provided by the county attorney isn’t enough to prove Brooks doesn’t live in District 2, what is? Based on the chancellor’s train of thought, the county will have to pay an investigator to follow around any member of the commission who’s residency is in question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even then, it would still be in question given this misguided and corrupt decision. Residency claims made on election filings were completely ignored along with eyewitness testimony. A video from this past January even exists where Brooks claims she only has visited the house where she now claims to live in District 2. How in the he|| can the so called chancellor ignore these facts? I have already contacted the Tennessee Attorney Generals office about this.

  • James Muhammad

    AS it relate to our Sister Henri Brooks, here in the great City of Memphis and the Mid-South the attitude of the general White populace toward Black people is an attitude of superiority, and that attitude, when it hardens, comes into a system of belief. And then you begin to believe some things about yourself that may be half-truth, or, not truth at all. You believe that Black people are born into the world to serve White people; to be “hewers of wood and drawers of water.” To wash your dishes and wash your clothes and cook your food, and be your dancers and your singers and your flunkies! And when you believe like that, then that belief is codified into a law.

    • Howard Stern

      Seems like you are one of the handful that actually believes that, hence why you promote the ‘whoa always me – whitey is the cause of all of my problems’ mentality. Instead of focusing on personal integrity and personal initiative to excel, you choose to stir the racial pot – just like ‘Sister’ (cough) Henri Brooks. This is one of the primary reasons why Memphis has become the cesspool that it is – people like you and Henri Brooks.

    • Terrie

      Tell me, where did you read this about white folk?
      Can you prove you speak the truth? No.
      What GOD do you & your kind pray too? My GOD doesn’t like liars.
      Stupid is what stupid does!

    • luvbreamfishin'

      @mohhamud: Yep,,you’re one of those weak minded farrakhan lapdogs..would make the K. K. K. jealous.

  • John

    Is Henri Brooks using commission attention to fuel her next campaign? Well of course she is, trash does trashy things.

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