Memphis police on high alert for heavily armed robbers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are on high alert for three heavily armed robbers.

In surveillance photos, the robbers are seen wearing Halloween masks and armed with police-style rifles.

According to investigators, their latest crime happened at the BP gas station on Rockcreek and Highway 64.

“I guess crime doesn't have an area code and that's what's really astounding,” said Brittney Pencarinha, who works nearby.

Police say the suspects walked into the convenience store Monday night with assault rifles and held up the place. They ran off after they got the cash.

“I'm really scared,” said Pencarinha.

She isn’t the only one frightened by the three masked robbers armed with weapons that could kill dozens in just seconds.

Memphis police supervisors sent a memo to its officers alerting them to be cautious, especially if they're near the gas station that borders Cordova and Lakeland.

“It's so close to me. What if that would have been me? It could happen to anyone,” said Pencarinha, who says she’ll keep an eye out.

She'll watch for odd behavior because the surveillance photos show covered up faces.

“That's the scariest part. They could be out there casing up the next place,” said Pencarinha.

Pencarinha says she's warning her co-workers to be careful while the three suspects are still on the streets.

“You're either going to choose your life or your job, choose your life,” said Pencarinha.

Police believe the robbers also hit up the Motel 6 off Interstate 40 two weeks ago. It’s not known if one of the guns used was stolen from a MPD squad car last week.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.


  • dada

    Let’s see Elise no description? can we rule out Martians? Oh gosh can’t give a description as to hurt somebody’s feelings rather let this continue and maybe someone will die do to your PC BS!!!

      • Sheila

        Let me break it down for you Jakrabt. The local news stations tend to not give descriptions of thugs if they happen to be black. I think they intentionally do this as to appease their black audience. You will see a description of some robbers as 5 feet 10 inches and 168 lbs and no mention of their race, when other news sites have given a description of the race. Don’t take my word for it, just keep your eyes and ears open.

    • Johnny

      No description and other sites are saying they are black. Don’t won’t to hurt anyone’s feeling and it’s all about ratings.

    • Maximilian

      You are rather ignorant. A semi automatic hunting rifle is just as deadly as any “assault” style weapon as you describe because an assault weapon is just that… A style. The differences are simply more plastic than wood for weight reduction which nothing to do with lethal capabilities. The rifle length and capabilities are the same as any hunting weapon. The media, as well as yourself need to stop creating an image of assault weapons being so much more dangerous than the 18.5″ pump shotgun I have in my closet. It’s simply ignorant. A bullet is a bullet.. It doesn’t matter what barrel it comes out of.

      • Jakrabt

        But a hunting rifle is not what these guys are carrying though now is it. There is only one thing an assault rifle is used to hunt.

  • Lisa Holt

    I travel for work during the week and when Thursday comes we pack up and leave this Godforsaken city until Sunday night. My hard earned money will not be spent in this place if I can help it and I live in fear everyday for my significant other who is a police officer here (unfortunately). Thank God that we are able to just leave and send minimal spare time in this city.

  • guardian

    when you live in a country where we bicker and gripe at each other for a simple article. its nice that we bash each other over what someone opinion is. Lisa is the only one that i saw not trying to bash someoe when her husband being a leo and i am a leo but knowing that people just want to bash each other surprises me everyday. After my stint in the navy and to live in a city in memphis i have seen worse in other places.

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