FedEx worker dies after injury in early morning hub accident

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A FedEx worker has died after being injured in an early morning accident at the FedEx World Hub on Democrat Road.

Family members say the victim was 19-year-old Chandler Warren, who was also a student at Southwest Community College.

FedEx has issued a statement saying its sympathies are with the victim's family.  The company is pledging full cooperation with authorities as they investigate the accident.

Sources say a loader that lifts containers onto aircraft came crashing down Wednesday morning.

"Basically we have to pay attention when we work around things that can hurt us," Austin Oliver, retired industrial technology teacher.

WREG has learned inspectors from Tennessee OSHA are on site to investigate what happened.

"We have an investigator go on site. Try to piece together what happened. Take pictures. Witness statements. Look at their accident reporting," said Jeff Hentschel, TN Dept. of Labor.

The FedEx World Hub covers more than 800 acres at Memphis International Airport. It has 42 miles of conveyor belts and is a key nerve center in the company's package shipping operations.

Since 2005, there have been 12 inspections by OSHA, mostly because of employee complaints. One of those inspections came after an employee died in February 2011. The employee was hurt on the job and developed an infection.

"We're not looking to assign blame. We're looking to find the safety standards for their industry that may have contributed to the accident so we can be sure and correct those problems," said Hentschel.

OSHA has six months to complete that report. We'll let you know their findings.

Those employees who witnessed the horrific accident were debriefed immediately afterwards.


    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      wheres the coverup???? says a loader that lifts containers onto aircraft came crashing. no specifics on how he was involved but i dont see coverup anywhere!!

      • Mike

        If it had been a cop or fireman Wharton would be smileing and looking for a way to screw the family and his henchman big boy little would saying “chill out”

      • Mike

        And by the way my heart goes out to the family. This poor kid was so young just trying to earn an honest living.

  • lakesha

    First off I would like to say my heart and deepest condolences go out to the Warren family. I work at fed ex with him and when I heard this had happened I was extremely hurt and saddened by it. My prayers are with your family. I also hope that this accident helps to improve the safety of all us. You never know when things will happen. Anything man made will fail too. Again I’m so sorry that your gone but your smile and friendship will live on. You will be truly missed.


    My condolences to the family.
    People need to chill out. One reason things are not made public is because it’s none of your business. Having done many accident investigations over the years, it takes considerable time to identify every element that may have contributed to the incident, so safe guards can be put into place to prevent it from happening again.
    The family is already in enough pain, just like every other family would be if this happened to one of their loved ones.

    Let the experts do their jobs.

  • Ruby

    My prayers and condolences to the family and friends of C Warren. When you lose a love one to an terrible ordeal like this, words are like whisper. Just please keep the family in your prayers to give them strength, being negative does not help the family and friends during this silent time.

  • Ricky

    Fed Ex:::::::::: Do the right thing. Step up now and write his family a $13 mil check. It’s the right thing to do.

  • M. Jones

    I pray for the family and hope the issue is investigated thoroughly. This seemed to have been a strong and positive young man who worked and went to school trying to make a better life. I pray for his family and the other workers whom may be scarred for life for witnessing the horrible incident.

  • Rob

    Hey Ricky, how is it the right thing that FedEx jump right up and write that big check? Will that make it good. If so I want to adopt you and push you under a plane. I can use the cash and I won’t miss you.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    mike, u are so right if that were about a cop or fireman and wharton smiling. actually, envision this scenario if this were about either of the above. have u ever seen “lets go to jail? the guy who was supposed to try looking,mean?! they kept asking him, man do u need to shit?…thats the look wharton could.easily conjure up. a mix of horror and grinning.

    • Denise Jackson

      you can not even bring cell phones into fedex PERIOD unless you are a manager. Team leads and ramp agents check one out but he was just an ordinary package handler working on a flight team after sort.

  • Denise Jackson

    My prayers goes out to his family as well. People really need to be more considerate. What if that were somebody in your family? That could of happen to anyone of us fedex workers. Yes it was an tragic accident but i really dont think fedex will gie the family a check they may help out or donate to the funeral but other than that, i dont see. That loader is an hydrualic drive system. If the loader is at its peak and a dolly is too close, there is no way you should try to unlock the locks as quickly as can while unloading a plane. its one of our safety rules. anything can happen as you can see. and if the hydraulic fails there is no way you can catch it. also when the load caption is running the loader you can not see anyone down below. so yea its very important to use safety methods at fedex. that place is filled with nothing but old metal machinary and belts. again my prayers goes out to the family of chandlers the workers that witnessed the fatal tragedy and also the load caption managers and team leads.

    • Ben

      I work at the ups hub on the ramp. I operate those loaders every night. Was it the hydraulic lines that failed, Denise? Was he dropping the dolly pins when it happened? What a terrible accident.

  • Robert Casey

    Not looking to blame anyone but I have to comment about the cellphone distracted worker comment. That isn’t true I have been doing this job with FedEx and there is no way you could be on a cell phone while loading these aircraft. I do however see the hurry everyone is in to load them on time and this creates an unsafe work environment. In my opinion. And no 13 million certainly wont bring him back but could make management have their underpaid overworked employees slow down a little so this doesn’t happen again.

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  • Matthew M.C. Howl

    To many companies only worry about deadlines and profits. A manager looks great to higher ups when production is good. The higher ups don’t ask the manager if everybody is safe while they are working. I will be fanged if I’m going to risk my life for anyone. My brother is a union iron worker and he said it’s well known that if you are slowing down in the name of safety you will be run off job. Sad but 100% true in to many companies

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