Citizens “turn in” two governments for breaking the law

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- “Firearms prohibited” is a long standing rule around town, but now the DeSoto County sheriff and Southaven police chief must take down signs banning firearms.

Two gun owners filed complaints with the state, saying the city and county were breaking the new law that lets them bring guns into government buildings.

“A court in session is off limits to carry, but you can't ban the whole courthouse complex which is what we see happening here,” said Mike Stewart of the group Mississippi Carry.

Stewart said his members found almost 30 violations of their rights across the state, including the DeSoto County courthouse and Southaven arena, which both had no firearms signs. Stewart said they're pointing it out so gun owners don't have to.

“Frankly it’s confusing. We hope to bring more clarity to a citizen and law enforcement so all will know what it will be.”

It's confusing because your permit can let you into city buildings, but not courtrooms. You can carry on the streets but not neighborhood parks. And don't think the metal detectors are getting tossed out, because those are allowed to stay.

“We still run metal detectors at board meeting we want to know who has a gun that's just part of the safety aspect of it we want to know who's armed,” said Tom Long, Southaven police chief.


  • Dr. JohnS

    Dumb a** gun owners, there is no need to carry a weapon everywhere you go. The courthouse, restaurants, shopping centers and stores should be completely off limits to guns.

    • Joe Smith

      As soon as criminals quit shooting/robbing people in restaurants, shopping centers and stores, I’ll quit carrying. Until then, I’ll have mine and you can kiss my rear Dr. Johns.

      • Terrie

        Nothing coward about carrying a gun you idiot. The cowards are the one’s shooting at free will then running off like a coward.

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        ty joe smith!!! i.dont own a gun yet but soon as i get to go to classes, get the permit, im getting one,carrying it everywhere i can. too many ppl shooting. u sure cant fight a.gun with a knife or with the taser i own.

    • Rob

      Dear John, the low rent criminals spilling out of Memphis into MS areas do not have permits, legal weapons not the morality to follow our laws. That is why I carry a weapon everywhere I go. As a deterrent or a life saver, if it’s me or them, they are going to be left lying there if I can beat them to the draw. You remember the same thing when one of your loved ones is lying senselessly on an ambulance bed.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      where u say guns should be completely off limits are where the shootings are going on. take ur anti gun self and bye bye

    • Don

      They need their guns because they don’t have to be cowards. There have been people been in court rooms, restaurants, shopping centers and stores.

    • Taylor

      I too wish I could live in my own little Utopian world like they do! “Dr.” Johns, if anyone has read any of his other comments on articles, seems to be confused about life in general. In some comments he will contradict what he has said in an earlier comment, and others he just sounds pompous (such as his statement here). Makes me half wonder what hes a Doctor of? Sincerely hope its not Law! Though, his arrogance is slightly entertaining.

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