More than a hundred people in shelter after storm

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MEMPHIS, TN.  More than a hundred people are in a Memphis shelter after flooding forced them out of their homes. The flooding overtook the Wheel Estate Mobile Home Community in Whitehaven.

The Red Cross is now using the Hickory Hill Community Center on Ridgeway Road as a make-shift shelter.

In the morning hours, people who live in the mobile park say water came up to their necks. Rescue crews has to save seven families who were stuck in their mobile homes that were overtaken by water.

“We took boats and something that looked like a big old machine and we got everybody out,” said Cathy Pilkington, a manager at the mobile park.

Rain that wouldn't quit overflowed the Nonconnah Creek. The owner of the Wheel Estate Mobile Park believes that played a big part in the worst flooding they've ever seen.

“I just couldn`t believe it. It looked like a dam had broke,” said Pilkington.

The Whitehaven park has about 300 mobile homes. The manager estimates more than half of them were damaged by the floods. The Red Cross says about 150 people are staying in the shelter Sunday night, including Edwardo Olbera and his wife and three children.

“Was anything in the house destroyed that was important to you?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Only my home," said Edwardo.

Most of the people are Hispanic and don't speak much English.

“I feel sorry for everyone because some of them don`t have insurance on their homes and I feel sorry for each and every one of them,” said Pilkington.

Edwardo says he doesn't know what's next for his family, but despite what the storm brought, he plans to be back at his construction job Monday.

The Red Cross says they will be feeding and sheltering the families in the community center as long as the families need the help.


  • 1midtownmike

    “We took boats and something that looked like a big old machine…….” OK.

    And Sabrina Hall, if you’re in Hickory Hill and it’s after dark, you need to get the heck out for your own personal safety.

    • Th Real Nonya

      And Sabrina Hall gets the award for the stupidest question ever asked by a reporter …. “Was anything in the house destroyed that was important to you?”

      What an insensitive BIT@H!

  • Th Real Nonya

    We should do the humanitarian thing and buy them all bus tickets to somewhere that doesn’t flood, like Chicago or Detroit.

  • UPS Wife

    Let’s not forget all of the UPS Ground Freight truck drivers that lived there also. Most of them lived in the back area of the trailer park that flooded worst. They lost everything. Their homes are a total loss. Who is going to help them and others have the mobile homes torn down and removed?

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