Brooks booted from County Commission, residency questions continue

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. – Henri Brooks was ousted from the County Commission this week after an investigation showed she didn't live in her own district.

But she's taking the matter to court and has now given a new address as her residence.

There are other residency questions brewing as well.

The Informed Sources team asks, where is this controversy going? Will the DA file charges?


  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    how do u know TBI isnt investigating?? they can be very sneaky ppl. i would be very willing to bet they know something, just not talkn yet!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    i would like to know why she persists in sayn she has a new address. brooks, uv perjured yourself so much, u.have one foot on a banana peel, the other in the political coffin.

  • takenobull

    In her statement she said she would always be there for the children. From her actions and arrest we can assume that would be white children.

  • Howard Stern

    Thaddeus Matthews, who granted isn’t the most reliable source in the world, has brought up residency issues regarding Justin Ford. Matthews seems to have some very credible evidence to suggest Ford is as guilty as Brooks. If that is the case, he, just like Brooks was, needs to be booted from the County Commission and removed from the August ballot. Like Brooks, he should also be required to pay back any salary and benefits he’s received under false pretenses. By the way, loved the commentary from Otis Sanford this morning about Brooks – he spoke the truth!

    • KeepMeUpdated

      Agree with both comments, Mr. Stern. Thaddeus Matthews should pursue civil assault charges against the Fords. Memphis needs an investigation into this mess, by an outside, legitimate governmental department. I saw The Otis Sanford interview, too. He does his job well, seems honest and fair. Too bad he is not serving in one of our public office positions.

      We, the people, need to get our tax money back from these crooks (Brooks/Ford), if an investigation does show this to be the case (which all factors seem to indicate!). Thanks – great post!

  • gary

    Need to put this dangerous woman in jail and make sure she cannot hold any kind of political office again,this woman if she can manipulate into power position with her racist views could be very dangerous to innocent people just because of their color.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      never thought about that(last 12 words). rest of it, u got it. i just happened to think…does she really have that few friends now or did they just now want to show up at that rally because they didnt want to be seen associating with

  • Harry

    Brooks is a liar and a racist.. What bothers me is the support that this woman receives from the Mayor’s wife, son and other city leaders. I cannot wait until she gets her butt whipped in August. But don’t worry too much about Henri, she will land a fat paying city job given to her by the Mayor. I love the way Mayor Wharton tries to play ” Switzerland” in his comments about his buddy, Henri Brooks. He supports her, and WE all know it. He just does not want to lose his white supporters.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      i wonder what will happen when karma bites all 4 in the a$$ real hard. and the wall came tumbling down!

    • John G

      I agree with you a 100% but you can bet where my vote will be going next time it want be for A.C. I would vote for Super Willie as bad as I hate to say it.

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        i havent bothered to register to vote since perot pulled his stunt years ago to let clinton win. was glad too when votes got all messed up in FL…..oh,my goodness, what a surprise!!! BUSH IS THE WINNER! found out how all that $hit really goes(dumba$$ me) i dont see me registering ever again. imo, all a vote amounts is getting the public OPINION only. they already know beforehand whos going in

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