Police chase involving semi ends on 385 east

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A police chase involving an 18 wheeler ended on east 385 near Winchester.

Police were pursuing an 18 wheeler, the driver of which was wanted for aggravated assault.

Police also had reason to believe the driver was armed.

A driver reported the semi for driving erratically.

No injuries are reported.

Two lanes of traffic are open.


    • takenobull

      Not sure—— soon with no health insurance after retirement, no pension, no kept promises from the city your fears on large amount of cops will be over. You going to have transitional hiring of security guards protecting the city. Those who would do better will be cops in cities who can offer benefits.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    pure speculatIon here….the drIvIng erractIcally..1. possessIon of drugs he dIdnt want cops to know 2. textIng whIle drIvIng 3. road rage. cant see a sleeper.bunk on trk so.local drIver????

  • Speak it!

    I saw it when they were on 240 today. It looked like approx 10 marked cars and several black unmarked, but it didn’t look like they were really speeding. I just exited the freeway…didn’t want to get caught in crossfires or anything else.

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