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Rape charges filed against former CEO of Memphis IT company

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EADS, Tenn. -- A Shelby County businessman arrested Monday for selling drugs is now charged with two counts of aggravated rape.

He was being held on a $1,000,000 bond, but that has since been reduced to $150,000.

Deputies raided the estate of Mark Giannini Monday and found prescription pills and dozens of guns.

Gianinni is the founder and former CEO of Service Assurance, a computer and information technology company which he sold to Konica-Minolta.

The rape charges were added Wednesday.

A woman told police she informed a friend she was looking for extra employment.

The friend reportedly told Giannini, who the victim said showed up at her job June 17 and told her he needed a house cleaner and office help.

The woman said she called Giannini June 19 and said she was interested in some work, at which time he told her he would pick her up.

Once they arrived at his home, the woman said Giannini gave her an orange colored drink, and as she walked around, she became uncomfortable and said she wanted to go home. She said she saw strange things in the house, like a skeleton hanging in the den.

In an affidavit, the woman said Giannini grabbed her saying, "No you are not," and raped her over a three hour period on top of an American flag towel.

Later, deputies say an employee of Giannini took the woman to a Motel 6. Her family found her at the hotel and took her to the hospital.

The woman's family said she, "was in a mentally altered state and in and out of consciousness."

Staff at Baptist Hospital said she was foaming at the mouth with, "similar medical conditions to a seizure or overdose."

When investigators searched Giannini's home they found the American flag towel, the clothes the woman said she was wearing as well as other items she described.

Deputies said they found more than $16,000 in cash, a variety of prescription drugs with no labels on the bottles and 24 guns when they searched Giannini's property.

Deputies said Gianinni escaped from the house, but later came out of the woods, sweaty and scratched up with Viagra, an expired Desoto County Sheriff's ID and badge, a passport, and about $1,600 in his pocket.

They locked him up for selling controlled substances, which is a felony, and that led to more charges because he had guns in his house.

He bonded out Tuesday, and WREG snapped some pictures as he arrived home.

He was arrested again Wednesday for the aggravated rape charges.

Gianinni is a national speaker and published author, not someone neighbors expected to end up at 201 Poplar.

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  • AHA's Mom

    another family molester … man, these guys are consistant. Which is worse? A guy that rapes children and family members or a racist commissioner?

    • langor1

      Both are despicable, one perpetrated on an individual and one perpetrated on the public, why do we need to choose.

    • blahblahblah

      where did it say it was a family member or child? He is a pos but it doesn’t sound like it was a family member or child.

    • MikeBarret


      noun: libel; plural noun: libels

      a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

    • Rayvyn96

      Though it’d make this story more interesting, he is not related to the commissioner, Bill Giannini.

    • not okay

      We can’t pick our kin folk! There is not one family that does not have someone they are ashamed of!

    • Working the system as usual

      He is already working his magic notice how his bond went from 1 mil to 150k it’s a matter of time all this will disappear

      • Wake Up

        Well I think the girl hit a payday. I certainly hope she was looking for that and not a real victim. He’s a real idiot.

  • StopIt

    I wonder if would let me borrow that $6,000 he had in his pocket..He clearly has it to spare..??

  • Hard Truths

    Mighty generous bond reduction for someone who fled into the woods with thousands of $$ and a passport.

    Does anyone else wonder where he was going?

  • James

    According to the Commercial Appeal, Judge Karen Massey lowered that million dollar bond to $150,000 Thursday morning. Giannini made that bond Thursday afternoon. Is Judge Massey on the ballot?

  • Intheend

    I heard for a 1000 bucks you could be a Desoto county deputy reserve that is , obvisiously he bought him one

  • Melissa

    I have known Mark for many years. He is my neighbor, friend, and someone I tremendously admire for his knowledge as an entrepreneur. It saddens me greatly to see the media and those in these public forums rush to judgement. We are supposed to be a country that values our criminal justice system and the process for fairness but as we all know it is a system that is very flawed. Too often we are not innocent until proven guilty seemingly we are guilty til proven innocent. He has already been found guilty by many based on his residence, his financial success, and his ability to hire the best representation to defend these allegations. I have been to his home many times throughout the years and so have my children. I have only ever witnessed first hand his generosity and willingness to give back to his community and those around him. Is Mark perfect? NO–he is human but I am not going to rush to judgement. I think he deserves the right to be heard in the process of the courts and I look forward to hearing the facts. My prayers are with Mark and the alleged victim.

  • friend

    i know mark well and this sounds like a classic case of yet another person trying to get an easy payday. sadly, if she had just asked him for money, he probably would have helped her out.

    • Dennis

      If it wasn’t such an incredibly said and horrible crime, these statements from “Friends” would be funny. But I find them to be sad and desperate. Here’s hoping he/you is never allowed to hurt anyone again, and that all his victims over the years can get at least a little justice and closure. I encourage all those who have been hurt in the past to come forward now in an effort to keep this guy from playing the system once again.

    • bob

      Ok so the fact that hes rich automatically makes you assume that someone would accuse him of something like that for money? Must be rich to btw the “alledged” victim is my fucking sister you as

      • friend

        No the fact that I know him and have seen people go after his money before makes me believe that she wants money. And yes,since there hasn’t been a trial yet, she is the alleged victim and he is the alleged assailant.


    For the people who don’t want to jump to conclusions. Go about 24 seconds into the following video:

  • Elain Harvey

    Too much judgement going on here, and lots of assumptions! I, like the rest of you, do not have all the information. One thing I do know is this man helped a lot of charities and this whole scenario is totally out of character for the person I met. Something really strange has taken place for him to have done anything like he is accused of, so best for us all to wait for the facts to come out. You don’t just go from being a major giver in helping the underprivileged in our community to someone who commits these crimes, something is horribly wrong with this picture

    • Dennis

      I’m sure you will make a fine character witness…if you’re not the man himself. As far as monsters who support charities, read a little about Jimmy Savile. Also, every post like yours sounds a little to much like it was coached by some sleezy lawyer.

      • Elain Harvey

        No lawyers, sleazy or otherwise were consulted before my post, just common sense to me but probably not everyone. BTW I am not a man and no thanks to reading about monsters, I don’t need to read about them to know they exist. I try to go by my own experience of a person, not what everyone else says , but certainly will pay attention to the possibilities existing.

  • Shelly

    I know him. I’ve known him almost 16 years and I believe that all of this or at least 95% of it IS true.

  • Shelly

    Haha he really has pulled the wool over some peoples eyes. There ARE other victims that probably won’t come forward because he usually finds a way to black mail. (Video tape).

  • D-Mack

    My ex was getting “checks” cut to her from him whenever we would break up. Trust me, I know of this dude plenty. I’ve read his super vulgar texts to her. As far as him donating and doing charity work, so did Pablo Escobar and all the other kingpins.

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