Black voters in Mississippi want payback for Cochran win

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Chris McDaniel (left) and Sen. Thad Cochran

JACKSON, Miss. –Political analysts credit Democrats, and specifically African American voters in Mississippi for longtime Senator Thad Cochran keeping his seat.

Areas that are heavily African American and Democrat saw a voting increase of 40% in the runoff compared to the primary a few weeks before.

It appears those who represent those voters now want some payback.

Mississippi NAACP President Derrick Johnson told the Huffington Post, “Our advocacy towards his office is to support amending the Voting Rights Act, free of any conditions such as voter ID,” Johnson said. “I think this is an opportunity for him to show some reciprocity for African-Americans providing a strong level of support for him.”

Johnson went on to say this is not the first time black voters helped Cochran, “Truth be told, not only would he not have won the election last night, he would not have been a sitting senator at all but for the volunteers and the staff of the NAACP, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, CORE, who worked diligently over several years which culminated to what we now know as Freedom Summer.”

Supporters of Cochran opponent Chris McDaniel wonder exactly what Cochran will do to pay back those voters and whether this will sway the way he votes on issues important to Mississippians.



  • NoShame

    You would think forty years of food stamps, and welfare would be enough, but no. They still have that hand out…

    • austinandjustin

      Since Mississippi receives over 2 million dollars in federal aid and African Americans are only about 37 percent of its population, exactly who are the they you are referring to?

    • KT1128

      Blacks are not the only ones on food stamps and welfare, as a matter of fact years ago blacks were not allowed to receive welfare only whites.

    • Lol

      You really think there are more black people on food stamp and welfare than white people in MISSISSIPPI! Lol.

    • Joe Bo

      Mississippi has, is, and will always be, the pooreststate in the Union. More whites bennifit from food stamps and Medicare than any other race. I am paying this cost. I think the US should allow Mississippi to become a sovereign country. But then you dumb hicks would starve. However, you can always eat cotten.

  • Cowboy

    Seems like the Black Democrats used some form of ID to vote, so why do you want to amend the LAW now?

  • Errin

    I don’t see what the outrage is about having to show an id when voting. You have to have one whenever you cash a check, but beer. I would not count on Thad support for this voter id law. I’m not a fan of his, but his record does speak volume. I haven’t seen anywhere where when it came to voting conservative. The main thing I disagree with Cochran on is his favoritism towards common core and the way he ran his campaign.

  • Gonebabygone

    This must be how certain members of our local electorate stay in office despite outlandish comments and insane behavior. I think ours promise money instead of voting a certain way on a social or legal issue though.

  • KeepMeUpdated

    Something as important as an election – official picture identification should be provided. If the individual is in poverty, the state should provide them this document free of charge. Corrupt voting practices would be diminished, if this were the case.

    If Cochran has any sense, he would pay attention to those that elected him. If you don’t like Mississippi (or Memphis), and you live there, either work to make a change – or get out! Move somewhere else.

    • Yrkiddingright

      You do realize that Cochran benefits greatly from corrupt voting practices. Hence why he won this past election…he called up all his black friends to come vote for him and now they want payback for keeping him there. I hope he repeals the ID laws cuz republicans like me can come in and use the same tactics against him. I’m sure we all know a few dead people we can go vote on their behalf to further ANY interest we have. If he wants to play dirty it goes both ways.

  • Gokouzwar

    So now blacks want payment for their votes. I’m not surprised. I hope Cochran screws you guys just as much as he’s screwed Mississippi with his BS campaign. If the only way he stays in office is by paying off voters you really think this is the ONLY thing he’s doing behind our backs? Get wise and quit buying into corrupt government. This whole “I vote for the guy who can give me more stuff” mentality is NOT the American way. It’s the SELFISH way. Why is our government so in debt? why are we having such a housing crisis? Why are our enemies attacking us? It’s because of greedy polititions like Cochran YOU just voted back into office for another 2 years. You want change? You want more freedoms? Get guys like Cochran out of there. What we really need is term limits on senate seats so we don’t have corrupt guys like this in office for 37 years messing with our liberties and driving this country into the ground. He’s 76 years old for crying out loud! The guy is old as mud and has no idea how the real world works. He should have been retired 12 years ago!!!

  • Joe Bo

    You folks are soo dumb ugly down there. You live in the poorest state in the whole USA. Your elected officials practice corporate socialism by unprecedented corporate tax breaks. There are more Whites on FOOD STAMPS and MEDICAID then any other other race. If one of you have a accident in NorthWest MS, Tn come pick you up in a helicopter and drop you off at the MED. Guess who pay for that bill? Just so sick of you rdnks constantly complaining. If it was not for the casinos in Northwest MS, that part of the state would be like a waistland. Mississippi, we dont want or need you.

  • Joe Bo

    You constantly talk about non-whites. When is the last time a white person from Mississippi contributed in any way towards the advancement of mankind. Please just leave the Union. It will not be a war this time. You need too be cut tfo like a bad habit. Just to think that the Men and Women serving in all parts of the world, are protecting you too makes me wanna throwup.

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