County Commissioner Sidney Chism explains his vote to keep Brooks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Ousted Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks still attended meetings Wednesday despite her removal from the commission.

She walked into county commission and voted like nothing ever happened.

“I do not feel that my seat has been vacated,” she said.

Brooks is in the cross-hairs for making racially questionable statements and allegedly assaulting a woman by pouring water on her head.

Brooks said she lived at a home in her district when she didn't, and after an investigation, the County Commission’s lawyer ordered her out.

Wednesday, the commission backed the recommendation.

Some felt the vote was just as racially questionable as Brooks' comments.

All the white members voted she should go, while the black members disagreed.

“There are people in this community trying to get past race, see things in a cooperative light and we get dragged back to the past by our elected officials,” said Commentator Otis Sanford.

Sanford says the vote along racial lines shows politics is still pretty divided, but Commissioner Sidney Chism, who voted to keep Brooks, said that's not it at all.

Chism says the county attorney isn't an investigator and shouldn't have the power to kick off a commissioner.

You'll remember an attorney investigation found Chism to have broken laws and be removed from his seat.

He won in court, and says Brooks should have the same right, “If she don't live in the district she oughta go, but she gets due process to get there,” said Chism.


  • hugh jazzol

    same old you got to support black no matter what they’ve done. caught robbing a bank its not my fault its racism, loose your money in a coke machine ? its racism!

    • Sheila

      She could rob a liquor store, drive drunk and shoot someone and her district would still vote for her. Reminds me of Marion Barry the former mayor of Washington D.C. He was caught on video smoking crack with a prostitute and was re elected mayor. The sheep love their Commissioner Brooks. However, the educated voters in Shelby County will not let this clown win the Juvenal Court Clerk position. Bank on it.

  • Robert O.

    Every other entity, public or private, suspends an individual when a serious potential infraction is brought forth. In this circumstance, there are numerous events, separate events (criminal charges related to residency, civil charges related to an assault, criminal charges related to an assault), and some of the penalties are felonies. Why is this person getting preferential treatment?

    Why has this person decided to become a children’s advocate and run for juvenile clerk? Oh, the answer must be, she is forbidden, by law, from continuing in her current capacity.

    Why are city/county workers and retired personnel receiving pension cuts? Oh, the answer must be that current city officials are not cutting their own benefits, that too much money is being paid in legal fees for issues such as this, and the fact that there are incompetent individuals serving on the public payroll, with minimal leadership. “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! Just chill out”

    • Terrie

      Robert, I agree. I think with the money they could save by eliminating these people that are lying & getting paid for it could seriously help! Possibly no raised taxes, pay cuts, lay offs etc. We know there are mor too. You lie you go. its real simple.

  • anonymous

    Sidney, you’re so secure in your position of racism that you aren’t afraid to support this nut. This speaks volumes.

    • Don

      It seems to me that brooks should have been charged for a Hate crime when she doused water on the person jumped on for the alleged her parking slot.
      Oh by the way Sidney had a democrat judge.

  • DontDreamItsOver

    Little things like laws and rules don’t mean much to people like Brooks and those who support her. That is exactly why Memphis is a cesspool. Unless the people act to remove her, they deserve everything they get and more.

  • connie

    Otis Sanford you can’t blame this on the White people that ya’ll are getting drag back to the past Ya’ll are doing this yourself when you know the Law and the rules you can not tell me she did not know you got to be in that district to run for that seat.I guess she letting the people know she to good to live there so if she gets to stay what district is she in this about race needs to stop every time something comes up ya’ll call it racism if this was a white person hey would already be gone do the right thing and tell her she is wrong and if she lie about her address she got to go sound like she got you all under her little finger she running over ya’ll and ya’ll are letting poor Henri Brooks make you look like fools it is not race you got to go by the law if you want to teach young people the right thing its not ok for her to lie and do the right thing is to step down then you all that voted for her are her little puppy’s Bet she would not stand up for you.

  • Rustcollegegrad03

    And I am praying this individual, or anyone else who supports those such as Brooks are ousted. Ignorance, blind leading the blind. W

  • Mulandeedra

    Racist. I think Oprah was right when she said the older generations would have to die off before racism would day, she’s right. But I think she was talking about white people, but it is us too. When all the generations up to generation x die then there will be peace.

    • DontDreamItsOver

      There is only going to be peace when all the humans are gone. Until then, the law and rules have to be abided and enforced and Brooks as well as those like her need to kept out of public office at all costs. Oprah is now a race hustling phoney in the same vein as Sharpton and Jackson, only she has a bigger audience and more money. She’s a billionaire, thanks to ‘racist’ America.

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