Two people robbed as they arrived home

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Two people said as they arrived home in the¬†Kernstown Cove area of Collierville Friday night, two strangers robbed them.

The victims said as they drove into the garage at about 10:45 p.m., they heard another vehicle pull up. Two people, one of whom was carrying a gun, got out and took a purse and wallet.

The only description available of the robbers is that both wore dark-colored clothes, one wore a baseball cap and the other wore a bandana.

If you can help with this investigation, call Collierville police at 901-457-2520 or Crime Stoppers at 901-457-CASH.


  • Bandana

    Cloths? What was is george of the jungle and tarzan? Of course there is no other kind of description that would help the rest of us potential targets avoid them… Like height, build, ethnicity!!! You know, obvious stuff.

  • indyrora

    Now that is funny sh#t right there… Updated info corrected the spelling and added that one of them was wearing a bandana! After a post critical off this article with the name “bandana” haha!!!!!!!!

  • Anita

    Right? They could see a bandana, but not skin color? Well, it was late at night and certain ethnicities are harder to see at night…

    • Ashley Crockett

      Oh hey, you’re having a conversation with yourself. Well played. (P.S. We can see your IP address.)

  • dada

    They were invisible except the dummy forgot to remove bandana! No hell would not want to offend anybody because of skin color would we! what a joke!

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