Thad Cochran employee fired for allegedly stealing Chris McDaniel signs

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- In the final hours leading up to the election, the candidates and their supporters are living up to the reputation of being one of the ugliest campaigns in the country.

The Thad Cochran campaign has confirmed one of its employees in DeSoto County has been fired. WREG's Molly Smith confirmed Lee Blair was arrested for malicious mischief.

Blair was a field worker for Cochran campaign.

The DeSoto Republican Party confirmed Blair had resigned from the organization where he was vice president and on the DeSoto County Executive Committee.

The charge is said to stem from the theft and damage of signs for the Chris McDaniel campaign.

Tracy Earls couldn't believe it.

"That's ridiculous. That's children doing that. Teenagers doing that. No real adult is going to steal a sign."

We went to Blair's home to see what he had to say about it, but he didn't come to the door.

Cochran and McDaniel have a runoff Tuesday.

"I've been hearing a lot about it. I just really don't know what to think about it anymore," Trey Ash, who has been following the race at a distance, said.

WREG reached out to the Cochran campaign about this incident. Cochran's campaign said, "He's fired. Unlike Chris McDaniel, we don't tolerate that type of behavior."

The behavior they're referencing is when a McDaniel supporter illegally broke into the retirement home Cochran's wife is living in, and took pictures of her. McDaniel denies having any connection to the people involved in this.

He was campaigning in Jackson today, and his team had no comment on the sign-stealing incident.

Monday, Cochran was joined by a fellow republican John McCain encouraging voters to get out and vote on Tuesday.

People we spoke with are fed up with the drama and the antics of this election.

Earls said, "People just need to get out and vote. It's their opinion, Not these signs."

Voters say it isn't going to keep them from heading to the polls and putting this election to bed.

"I've been discouraged but it's not going to stop me from voting to help out my community," Ash said.

Blair will be in court later this week.


  • Rick

    Before his seat challenged how many times did Cochran come to Mississippi. IT’s time he was shown the door. If he is defeated it will weaken the republican party but the republicans need a change. If Democrats wanted to stir the pot they would go to the poles and vote him out.

  • badinfluence

    Thad has had 41 years to fix our problems and he has successfully navigated Mississippi to the #1 spot……in CORRUPTION. It is time for Thad to retire!

  • luvbreamfishin'

    Thad is what is wrong in Mississippi,,We need the tea party here and everywhere else,,get big government out and also the lapdog rinos that lick the liberals boots..

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