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Oxford prepares erosion ordinance

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OXFORD, Miss. -- Hills abound in Oxford, a town that’s growing fast and where developers will even cut into those hills to build.

But the soil here washes away easily, which is why Oxford leaders say they’re prepared to make developers responsible for erosion and drainage issues on land they build on.

”With the high growth, we had to do something. We’ve got developments all over the town,” said Oxford City Engineer Bart Robinson, who believes a new proposed ordinance covers just about everything you can imagine involving dirt work and keeping the dirt from washing away.

”Weekly inspection of their own sites, self-imposed inspection, inspection after every rain event, pre-submitted water management plans.”

There’s even a provision that mandates developers plant grass within two weeks of grading a piece of land.

Aldermen can shut down any builder that doesn’t abide by the new rules.

”Just to protect our water quality and our neighbors down the hill so we don’t get sediment on private property or city property,” Robinson said.

Because nobody wants a mudslide in their front or back yard.

The measure goes up for a public hearing next Tuesday, and maybe even a vote by aldermen.