Carjacking suspect kidnapped 16-year-old, led police on multi-county chase

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UPDATE: The suspect has been identified and charged.

OAKLAND, Tenn. -- A man is behind bars, accused of carjacking a teenage girl at knife point and leading police on a multi-county chase.

The TBI has not released the suspect's name, but said the man kidnapped a 16-year-old girl in the Oakland Walmart parking lot.

Oakland resident Hunter Haley realized he may have seen the whole thing while working a fundraiser at a fireworks tent in Walmart's parking lot.

"We heard a scream," Haley said. "It was a girl, and she was like, 'Hey! No! Leave me alone!'"

Haley said he didn't know what he was seeing as three people argued in the Walmart parking lot.

"There were two guys with her, and she had pushed him off," he said. "One of the guys backed up, saying, 'It's no problem. It's no big deal.'"

TBI investigators said a man kidnapped the girl at knife point. Her boyfriend called 911 shortly after.

Haley said, if what he saw was the kidnapping, it happened quietly.

"He had her. She wasn't screaming or anything at that point, but she got in the car with him."

The TBI said county deputies and the Tennessee Highway Patrol chased the vehicle across multiple counties. They said the car sideswiped two cruisers and wrecked on I-40 near Jackson.

The suspect ran away, broke into a building on Highway 104, and was finally caught.

The girl wasn't hurt and was reunited with her family. It's ultimately the only thing Haley said should matter.

"None of us want to hear of our family members doing that, something happening to I'm very happy to hear she's safe, and her family back safe and sound."

The man has not been formerly charged yet. The TBI is still investigating and anticipate filing multiple felony charges against him.