Midtown man has warning for drivers after being attacked

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Midtown man has a warning after he was attacked while driving home near Peabody and Central Friday night.

It all started when he was hit from behind by another car.

Thad Caperton said he doesn't know if this is some sort of gang initiation, but when he pulled up to a stop sign on S. Willett, another car bumped him from behind.

When he got out of his car and walked to the car behind him to exchange information, he said he was attacked.

“Four guys jumped out of the car and started macing me and one of them shot at me. I jumped back in the car and they continued to mace me,” said Caperton.

It happened Friday night around 11 at the intersection of S. Willet and Harbert.

Since his eyes closed-up from the pepper spray, he wasn't able to give a good description of the guys to police and didn’t really see what kind of car they were driving.

Caperton said if a driver hits you from behind, you might be safer to stay in your car and wait for police to get there.

If you know anything about this crime, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.


  • ConcernedCitizen

    This city continues to impress. After 34 long years, Desoto County is only 6 weeks away. Let ’em have this place. A beautiful crown in the Mid-South destroyed because the nation is too politically correct to address the real problem. It’s not unique to Memphis. Ironic that every “bad neighborhood” in America has one thing in common. No wait…that’s not irony; that’s statistics.

    • dada

      Yea concerned been here 61 yrs, moving business out of Shelby Co. going to east Tn.no more of this BS, taxes, crime, idiot kids you don’t/can’t hire because of felonies total S— H—

  • Hard Truths


    HE empowered these thugs. He deserves to be a victim of the crimes he has inspired.

  • truthhummincominatya

    If you can afford to get out of Memphis do so now or stay at your own peril. The inmates are running the asylum! I will say it again, the best way to choke that cesspool is not spend your money there-any of it! Financially boycott and eventually someone will notice. Don’t buy so much as a paper bag in that God forsaken place.

  • beatitup

    if going to memphis carry a gun, i do i have glock with a min of 45 rounds available, but i only need a few to do the job.

  • ET

    wow. racist much? I live in midtown, and have a community garden, and no one messes with it, and I walk to and from the garden to my house EVERY DAY. I also used to walk home every night from the restaurant I worked at for years and never ONCE was I harassed or even frightened. Crime happens everywhere. And crime rates in Memphis are actually DOWN.
    Memphis is awesome and there are TONS of amazing things happening here. What happened to this man is an unfortunate occurrence that could have happened ANYWHERE. I have lived in other cities and I came back to Memphis because it is so great. I suggest you nay-sayers do the same thing. Maybe you’ll find a place that makes you happy and you can leave Memphis to the people who truly love it.

    • Laney

      Well said! Although anyone (and anywhere) out at night should be cautious. Never leave your vehicle unless it’s on fire – these days we all have cell phones, lock the doors, call the police, and if they jump up with guns then floor it after you get a good look at the vehicle. These types of thugs won’t be running to the cops for bumper repairs!!! And yours, well, hopefully you have uninsured motorist coverage, just be sure to file a police report immediately.

    • stoptellinguslies

      crime is down compared to where? Mogadishu Somalia? Please. Spare us the same song and dance, because its always the same song and dance in any place with a large/majority black population. “nevermind the crime folks, its actually going down!” Its a flaming crock and there are no numbers to support that claim!

    • MelO

      I agree! As long as I live in Memphis, I will never leave my beloved Midtown. My parents have always taught me to be aware of my surroundings, and I’ve been aware of this method of robbery in past. I used to be a naysayer, but have come back to the light! Crime is everywhere, even in Desoto county and suburbia. Check your facts, people! There are news stories about crime everywhere, even in your beloved Southaven, Collierville, etc.
      Long live Midtown, and all of us weirdos who inhabit it! If we don’t like something, we ACT (stay off our lawn, Vollintine flooding, etc…). Bye, haters!

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Crime rates in Collierville and South Memphis are equal? Germantown and Orange Mound? Olive Branch and Frayser? And I have the same chances of getting robbed at Southland as Carriage Crossing? Interesting…and idiocy. Never let my facts get in the way of your opinions.

  • Arguenot

    I think wreg dropped the ball here. Relevant would have been to note the ethnicity of the victim, as well as that of the attackers.
    While it is disturbing to read about any type of crime where race is a factor, hiding the truth only endangers the population. It would put an entirely different slant on this story and, good or bad, we need the truth.
    Not only that, the only way to stop this cycle of insanity is to have open and frank discussions, not by hiding relevant facts.

  • james hartman

    look , memphis is a beautiful and historic place . memphis is plagued with over 400 known gangs..but it seems those who live there dont want to pay the men and women who protect them.!!!! 23 cents….to maintain….if i did care to live in a historic town such as memphis…. START PAYING…..OR WATCH !! this is rediculous…..yall need a army to get this crime under control

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