Man shoots mom’s boyfriend to save her life

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man shot his mother's boyfriend to save her from an alleged attack. Now the boyfriend faces several aggravated assault charges.

The attack on the family also sparked terror for neighbors on the street.

A chipped brick is just inches away from a window on Barksdale Cove. The brick cut after a bullet punctured it.

“It was frightening; I could have been in the dining room, near that window. I could have been killed,” said 88-year-old John Booker, who heard the shots when the a bullet struck the side of his house.

Booker was not the target of the gun fire. He lives across the street from the house where a violent family feud sparked Tuesday night.

Police say Tony Hardin was in the middle of a heated argument with his live-in girlfriend and her adult son. They say a drunk Hardin ran after the two with a hammer and wrench, and threatened to kill them.

The mother and son escaped, and in the chaos, the son fired several shots at Hardin, who was hit in the back.

“He was laying out there in the yard, he had been to the door,” said Booker.

Hardin collapsed in the yard right next to Booker's home.

“Blood all over the walkway, on the doorpost,” said Booker.

The house belongs to Booker`s daughter and grandchildren.

Twenty-one-year-old Lachelle Boga drove home to find a bloody Hardin in her yard, police everywhere, and a bullet in her mailbox.

“Why you shooting at innocent people's houses? You don't know who is home. Children be at home, that's reckless,” said Boga.

“That was a scary event to have somebody shooting around your house like that and around your family,” Booker said.

The grandfather is thankful no one in his family was hurt in the battle between his neighbors, but says he's still nervous that it happened.

“We ain’t ever had this kind of experience. I've been here since 1958. I ain’t never seen that,” said Booker.

The son was taken into custody by police, but not charged. The son told police he shot Hardin in self-defense.


  • Johnny B

    If he can’t prove the threats than he is guilty by law. Unfortunately the law “requires” the attack to happen to justify the killing. smh

    • bambam84

      If you KNOW that someone is attempting or threatening bodily harm, Memphis DOES have stand your ground laws in effect.
      We have no idea what happened to set it off that night, other than the boyfriend obviously being there uninvited.
      All they report here is the aftermath. More citizens need to protect themselves.
      Because, obviously, there aren’t enough,”Police on the streets.”

  • b-rizzle

    Call your congressman and demand hammer control now! These people can just walk into home depot and buy an assault hammer and use it to kill people! Hammer control now! Nobody needs hammers but trained carpenters.

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