We put the Ice Cream Ball to the Does It Work test

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Hot days are here! How about cooling off with a scoop of homemade ice cream?

The Ice Cream Ball claims you can play your way to delicious ice cream with no electricity needed! But Does It Work?"

Lauren Hammond is a working mom with a precious daughter and is the wife of our very own Adam Hammond.

Lauren likes ice cream, but we learned something new about Adam.

"I think Adam is more excited than I am because he is a huge ice cream fan," said Lauren.

The Ice Cream Ball comes with the ball, two lids and instructions.

Lauren likes anything that involves chocolate so we followed the chocolate chip recipe included.

There are two openings on each end. According to the instructions, pour the ice cream mix into the end with the metal cylinder and close the lid. On the other end,  fill the outer shell with as much ice as possible.

Pour rock salt over the ice to keep the ice cold, and close the lid.

Time to start rolling it around for 20 minutes!

Kinney, Adam & Lauren's little girl, needed a little extra muscle so she invited Henrik, my son, over to help with the heavy lifting.

The kids got a big kick out of it!

They rolled it up & down the driveway, down the backyard slide and even in the kitchen!

We checked in at the 10 minute mark and started see some ice cream consistency.

We added more ice and rock salt to the outer shell and rolled it around for the final 10 minutes.

"We have ice cream! Its still pretty soft, but it is ice cream," said Lauren.

We had fun and decided the Ice Cream Ball Passed the Does It Work Test.

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