Truck noise under fire in Arkansas

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FORREST CITY, Ark. -- City council members are considering banning truckers from using engine braking to cut down on noise downtown.

Trucker Dean Verseal doesn’t like the idea.

“I haul a lot of tile, if you don't jake-brake some times, you're liable to kill somebody,” he said.

Jake-braking is when truckers use their engines to slow down rather than the brakes. It helps with heavy loads but is loud and jarring.

Amy Willis works at a barbeque restaurant on Highway 70 in Forrest City. Willis says the barbeque shop sounds more like a factory these days.

There are hundreds of trucks going down Highway 70. It’s so bad, police have to manually run the stop lights.

The trucks popped up in the past few weeks thanks to construction on I-40. Many trucks are using an old highway next to the interstate as a detour.

Now city council wants to stop them from disrupting business and pass an ordinance banning the jake-braking.

“I'm hoping after the construction it'll level out and get back to norm,” said Henry Peacock

Loud but temporary, says Councilmember Henry Peacock. He will do what voters want, but doesn't like the idea of banning the loud braking

The city council will review the matter two more times before making a final decision


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