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Tabitha Gentry sentenced to 14 years in prison

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MEMPHIS, tenn. -- Tabith Gentry has been sentenced to 14 years in prison, plus an extra 20 days for contempt of court.

Gentry, who is best known as a squatter and someone who does not acknowledge the legitimacy of the government, was found guilty in April of assaulting police officers.

Wednesday, after Gentry's request for a new trial was denied, she said, "Every decision you make has a consequence."

Despite an emotional testimony from her cousin, the judge said he had no reason to give her any less time.

When it comes to Gentry, an outburst in court has sort of become routine.

Her sentencing was no different.

The judge locked up the 34-year-old mother of six for 14 years for trying to run over Memphis police officer with her car.

"Then she led them on a six- to seven-minute chase," Jessica Banti said.

Banti represents the state and said Gentry got what she deserves for the 2012 traffic stop fiasco.

"We feel like justice was done today in this case," Banti said.  "She has shown repeatedly that she has no respect for our laws and no one is above the law in the state of Tennessee."

"I was really expecting probably a pretty high sentence, but I was more in the range of six to eight years," defense attorney Claiborne Ferguson said.

Ferguson was hoping she at least got probation, but the judge wasn't having it.

He said Gentry was disrespectful in court and showed no remorse for her actions.

Despite the judge's comments, Gentry still smiled, laughed, and let out another outburst.

Judge Lammey slapped on ten more days for contempt of court on top of the ten she was already ordered to serve.

"Because of the seriousness of the offense, the fact that the victims in this case were police officers, and her behavior throughout the process, I don't believe probation would ever be warranted for Miss Gentry," Banti said.

Police say Gentry was in a car driven by her boyfriend when he was stopped in April 2012 for driving without a seat belt.

Gentry began yelling that the officer had no right to stop the vehicle and her boyfriend didn’t have to show identification.

Police say Gentry got out of the car, walked toward them while yelling, and refused to get back in the vehicle.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Just six months later, Gentry had another run-in with police after officers pulled her over on South Bellevue for driving with no headlights.

She showed a Sovereign Citizen I.D., but her driver’s license had been suspended.

When police told her to get out of the car, they say she locked the doors, put the vehicle in gear, and ran into the officers.

They chased and then arrested her.

Gentry was convicted Wednesday of two counts of aggravated assault and one count of intentionally evading arrest in a motor vehicle.

If she is found guilty of theft charges stemming from squatting in a $3 million East Memphis house, she could face 25 more years.


  • Bold Truth

    Outstanding. Keep her silly behind in there. I’m glad the judge didn’t put up with her bull.

  • Marsha

    I am not a sympathizer of Genntry, but 14 years for a so called assault charge is excessive!! Would anyone else get 14 YEARS for the same assult charge?? No probably not.

    • IwishUwould

      I have to agree with you Marsha,, 14 years is excessive.. It’s a proven fact that if you’re of African decent down at 201 you will get a excessive sentence, than a person of European decent. Another find example of injustice..

      • Wanda

        I think her sentence has more to do with the fact that her assault was on 2 police officers than with the color of her skin.

      • Just saying, too

        Excessive AND has more to do with the fact that people were outraged that she staked a claim on a house that she did not pay for, which most people would be surprised if they took a look at Tennessee’s realty laws. I was shocked when I went to realty school years ago and discovered that individuals and many so-called businesses/firms do this all of the time. Shortly before she squatted that house, a “reputable” business did the EXACT same thing to a very massive building in the downtown area that is currently being renovated into luxury condos. My close family members were attempting to negotiate the sale of that building when it was swiped right under their noses. The city just apologized, but I don’t believe it ever made the news and now these people are going to make a lot of money without ever having purchased that building.

    • Joe Bo

      I disagree, she showed no remorse and indangered the life of Police Officers and the general public.

  • Ricky

    Come on! She’s just misunderstood! A product of the memphis city school system, therefore, she was slighted. We must have mercy on these underprivileged, misled souls! Cone needs to do urry day of her fourteen years – no parole or probation.

  • impulse item

    I’m sure that her idiotic behavior in court had as much to do with her sentence than the original charge. Judge Lammey doesn’t put up with any bull in his court.

  • Hard Truths

    I feel sorry for Judge Lammey. I bet he gets a headache every time she shows up in court.

    Jerry Springer Show material.

  • Errin

    So ya’ll justifying her actions because the system is racist. I have to wonder if you would be so up in arms if that was your father, son or brother or daughter she tried to run over. Since she denounces her citizenship, then she is not entitled to right to counsel, guilty until proven innocent or any other rights according to the Constitution. Her mouth and got her in the situation she’s in now. So spare me the poor little black girl routine. She choose to be in that situation. Plain and simple. Way to go Judge. May she get 25 more for her squatting, which is theft.

    • donthidebehindurscreen

      Very well said! She can sit her wanna be Sovereign butt in jail and think of the next scam to get something for doing absolutely nothing. Sounds like a lot of useless women in Memphis that I’ve witnessed draining the system while others like myself are working to feed their grungy mouths.

  • 122811

    She crazy what person in their mind would do that or act like that in court she should spend her sentence in the crazy house cause obviously she not wrap to tight in the head. Her Lawyer should have her evaluated.

  • TheFlash

    Abka Re Bey is absolutely correct. Read the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, The Constitution, House Resolution 75 and the Moorish Proclamation by Rahm Emanuel ( Mayor of Chicago and President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff). The Albions/Europeans/Christians(not talking about religion; note her Christian corporate forced name “Tabitha Gentry”) are trying to de-nationalize, et cetera the aboriginal people (Moors) in America(Northwest Amexem/Northwest Africa/The North Gate/North America/Maghrib Al Aksa/Morocco; also Southwest Amexem/The South Gate/Southwest Africa/South America)who had misnomers such as “blacks”, “colored”, et cetera. The enforcement of The Treaty of Verona, The Berlin Conference, The Christian Black Codes, Inter Caetera Divina, et cetera is what is mislabeled and vaguely called “systemic racism” (note “Stop & Frisk”, “War On Drugs”, “Prison Industrial Complex”).

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