Oxford Deputy City Clerk indicted for embezzlement

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Alisa Liggins

OXFORD, Miss. –Oxford’s Deputy City Clerk has been indicted on one count of embezzlement.

Alisa Diggins has been booked and released on a $5,000 bond.

Liggins, 46, is accused of embezzling $12,703.50 over the course of several months in 2012 from the City of Oxford.

State Auditor Stacey Pickering said Liggins took City Court receipts then attempted to hide the embezzlement by delaying General Ledger entries, bank deposits and using future receipts to balance General Ledger entries.

“Ms. Liggins stole from the taxpayers of Oxford and she will be held accountable for her actions,” Auditor Pickering said. “I thank our Special Agents, the Oxford Police Department and District Attorney Ben Creekmore for their hard work on this case.”

Liggins has worked as a Deputy Clerk for the Oxford City Clerk’s Office since 2005.


  • Terrie

    My God, she had a great job & started stealing….see!! You gotta know you’ll Eventually get caught!!! Go to jail!

  • Don

    This is what Oxford wanted, another democrat with their hands in the money box.
    She has to have a Memphis link somewhere.

  • Curvyone

    To Patti,I would like to see a picture of the perfect face God made of you!That’s right,Show your Beautiful face Patti.

  • Kevin

    Patti is just a piece of disgruntled trailer trash that most-likely is hooked on meth and beaten by her beer-drinking boyfriend and dated by her young son. She has no education and live from trailer to trailer. So please look over her because she’s just another misguided hick looking for an excuse to why they make it in this society. Now, back to the article at hand. If this lady is guilty she will pay …

  • Free Thinker

    Granted, what she did was wrong, but who are we to judge? No one knows the circumstances or the situation at hand. It’s ok to be a corporate crook, but the common citizen is barred from it? There is not enough money circulating to the middle/lower class. We have businesses getting over everyday…politicians getting over everyday, but no one says a word. Wal Mart workers on government assistance because they aren’t getting paid enough but no one comments on that? Wake up people and focus on something that matters.

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