Man shot in the chest drives two blocks away so his kids wouldn’t see him die

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man turns his life around, only to be violently murdered just feet from his Southeast Memphis home.

Both of Kenneth Matthews' daughters were asleep inside, so he drove down the road to lure his killer away and protect them.

"I'm just hurt. I'm hurt as hell," said Matthew's sister Shelia Watkins.

Watkins said a part of her is now missing. Her baby brother shot outside his home on Sharpe Avenue while his daughters, 5 and 11, were inside.

She said Matthews, who many knew as K-Mac, drove away to lure his killer away and make sure his daughters didn't see him die.

A picture of his car shows every window shot out. Police found it a couple blocks away off Patterson.

"He was super dad. That's who he was. That's what defined him now," said Watkins.

Watkins said what hurts the most is that her brother just pulled his life together. He went straight after being a pimp for many years.

He realized being a father was what mattered. He just got custody for his two girls.

"[His kids] are all very distraught. He was a good father," said Tunya Currie, the mother of Matthew's first born.

Matthew's killer got away. The family thinks it was a robbery gone wrong, but don't know because they said detectives haven't called to check in.

"I haven't seen the police yet," said Currie. "He wasn't a violent person, so whatever this was, I am sure it was random and nothing to do with him."

"K-Mac has taken care of a lot of people. You know who you are. He has been great," said Watkins.

The family said this will take a while to grasp and even longer to heal.

"A father has been taken away from his kids, his family and loved ones," said Currie.

WREG asked police if they had any new developments, but they said they won't get back with us until Thursday.

Family members are taking care of his children, and are begging you to come forward if you can help solve this case.


  • you dont know me

    Rip kenny we love you and miss you already. He had changed his life he was one who inspired me to get it together. We grew up together and he had so much going or him after changing im dissapointed and the police better find whoever dun it before i do.

  • kathy melton

    I know K Mac and I just would like to say don’t judge that man because of his passed you had no right say what you did he is gone let him rest in piece ……everybody has a past I am sure you have one

  • Terrie

    This is sad for him, his family & little girls. I hope they find who killed him but i wouldnt say its someone from his past.

  • Shaniece Birgs

    No matter what he did in his past, he did not deserve to die… People make mistakes and instead of you judging a past you knew nothing of, you should be happy that he turned his life around before going to his heavenly home. People can say some cruel things without thinking about how it can and will affect others.

  • John

    “A man turns his life around, only to be violently murdered just feet from his Southeast Memphis home”. No the truth is a man turned around and his chosen criminal lifestyle caught up with him.

    • Dr. JohnS

      John have you been looking into your crystal ball again? We do not know what happened and it would be best not to judge. But judging is what comments on this site do best. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Yet John you always carry a stone in your pocket. What gives?

      • Spawntavious Blackness Jackson

        doesn’t take a genius to figure out he was still involved with crime, but then you are one of the low IQ demographic. The IQ of your people was what was once considered retarded. They raised the level of retarded just to make you feel better about being black

  • 122811

    This man has lost his life and the first thing come to mind is cruel comments of his past he couldnt have been a violent person cause we all know the news would have informed us so if you cant comment something relevent to the sorry why say something at all. And no I dont know him never seen this man a day in my life but this story touch me cause he thought enough of his children knowing he may not make it back just to save them. I salute him he’s a hero to those girls.

  • Jay

    Rest In Peace to my big cousin K-Mac. I really don’t appreciate these rude and negative comments and I think the other family members wouldn’t either. He turned his life around to be a better father to my little cousins and all you people can do is say negative things about him! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF K-MAC… You may have seen or have heard something about him but you don’t know him personally! And to the ones that’s saying nice things thank you we really appreciate your thoughts. If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all!

  • mstee

    My heart and prayers goes out to his children and the rest of his family. I didn’t know him ,but no matter what was in his past he was on if God’s children so for the people who has all the negative comments show some respect for this man children and family.

  • we all sin

    Jesus died for us bc of our sins past,present,and future stop judging each other it’s not your place.

  • johnny b

    Why didn’t he floor it and do his best to get away? Driver to a busy area like gas station or maybe a police station or anywhere where people could have seen this take place and see the killers. I would have died from a wreck in the process of fleeing before I got shot to death. Would have been like mad max up in here.

  • crystal hathcock

    wows I can’t believe kenny macs gone he callex me just last week I was one of the girls he took care of. My name is crystal haycock went by London he was a great man many people loved may god be with him sorry kids mac I love and will miss you pimping!!!!!

  • mssumserious

    I dont know him but my heart still goes out to his family… no matter what he have done in his past… I past no judgement… I will pray for him and his family…

  • Tue

    “He without sin cast the first stone” John 8:7, Rest in Peace Kenny, Praying for comfort for all of us who loved him.

  • Diarheesha Jackson

    Yep, they’re always ‘turning their life around’ when they get what they deserve. It was probably only taking care of it’s hell-spawn so they’d be in good condition when it pimped them out.

  • Nate Higgers II

    Just blacks being black. The same old hackneyed cliches too, about “turning his life around”, yeah, a 360 degree turn.

  • Spawntavious Blackness Jackson

    wow, so much knee grow babble from the fambly. All a bunch of weak lies. Most likely this POS was grooming his daughters for the business and most likely some kind of drug deal went bad.

  • christy banton

    I knew kenny no i was never one of his girls but he was a dear friend and i consider him family. He was a good person he called and checked on me because of my health. He kept me laughing. You people shouldn’t judge this man especially when you don’t know him. He was a good person and a great father

  • #1

    It’s just same sad mutherfuck on here y’all dont. ni nothing about him this to the oones saying same bad about him y’all just mate be his killer or got him killed so what yall need the do is be quit if y’al can’t say nothing good about him R.I.P.Kenny Mac you gonna but you never forgotten.

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