One person killed in two-car crash

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One person was killed in a two-car crash Tuesday evening.

The wreck happened in the 2600 block of Mt. Moriah.

A second person was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition.


  • Donnie Seburg

    I was one of the first people at the scene of this accident and the injuries were very serious. There were 4 officers who responded first, but not a single one attempted to render aid, check the condition or make an assessment of the injuries. There was an unconscious male in the road that was bleeding bad from an obvious head injury and completely non-responsive, with no visible signs that he was breathing. There were 2 unconscious adults in the other vehicle, the male driver was non-responsive and the female passenger was on top of the driver, eyes wide open, not blinking with a labored respiration every 20-25 seconds. Not one officer came within 5 ft of the injured victims and those of us who were attempting to render aid or monitor the condition of the victims were told to leave the scene immediately. As I walked away, I continued to watch as the officers completely ignored the victims and focused on traffic control. I became extremely upset as I watched these critically injured human beings, be left alone where they lay and not a single person was there for them. At that point I yelled for an officer to at least check on them to see if they were breathing in case CPR was necessary and I was promptly grabbed by a young officer Shelton and told to leave. When I asked why they weren’t helping or at least watching any of the victims, I was placed in handcuffs. I advised Mr. Shelton that I was a retired Department of Corrections Officer so I was very familiar with his duty as a first-responder. He started yelling at me that he was not a fireman and kept repeating that same statement. I realized that by remaining on scene was accomplishing nothing more than providing this sorry excuse for an officer, a reason to ignore his duty. So I shut up and he un-cuffed me on the condition I would leave. I asked his name and he told me officer Sheldon and pointed to another officer and said right there is my major so if you want to file a complaint, go right ahead. I’m only in Tennessee on business, but I come from a law enforcement family and many of my friends remain active police officers to this day. I’ve been quick to support their cause and without question give them the benefit of the doubt when an issue arises. Never in my life have I been more ashamed and disgusted by what was such a lack of concern, empathy and an obvious dereliction of duty by people who have no business to wear the uniform. I have no criminal history and anyone who knows me will confirm that I am one who will be the first to offer assistance for my fellow man. Officer Sheldon had no reason to put me in cuffs because other than yell for someone to see if the “kid in the street was still breathing” , I broke no law. I simply couldn’t fathom watching these people left alone in such a dire condition. I pray for each of the victims and their families. I wish I could have done more or at least been able to remain at your side to offer comfort after such a tragic event. We failed each of you tonight and for that I’m sorry.

  • detrick

    Hey thanks to every positive comments and the one that had the negative response yes the Lord hears everybody if u live right by God you wouldn’t have to ask that question and to the one that aided help Thanks and God Bless that was my uncle that’s in critical condition but with God he will pull threw

    • Be Respectful, and Get Over Yourself

      Don’t you think this family is going through enough right now without you attempting to disprove their faith? You don’t have to believe what they do, we all have that choice, but at least be respectful of their circumstance.

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