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Henri Brooks resigns from Methodist Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks has resigned her job at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Hospital administrators confirm the resignation Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier, Methodist confirmed Brooks was a community and government research specialist with Methodist’s Congregational Health Network in its Faith and Health division since 2006.

Brooks is being investigated on a charge of simple assault and whether she actually lives within the district she represents.

She’s accused of assaulting a woman during an argument over a parking spot.

The incident happened Tuesday in a parking lot at 1200 Union Avenue which belongs to Methodist.

Liese Nichols told police Brooks cut her off and pulled into the parking space.

To avoid hitting Brooks’ vehicle, Nichols said her car ended up going onto a curb and hitting a small tree.

Nichols said Brooks got out of the car and started yelling racial slurs at Nichols who apparently looks white, but says she is mixed.



  • bigmouth

    Yeah but she aint gonna give up that cushy public office job now is she? That’s the job she needs to be relieved of and soon.

  • langor1

    Well that place just improved 1000%. I expect her resignation was something less than voluntary.

  • Low Profile

    What kind of classless, predatory, violence-mongering trash sits around with their camera running in hopes of catching a fight on film for the purpose of their own (and obviously other’s) entertainment, cheering to each other and placing bets? Apparently, the Memphis kind. How pathetic.

    • George Brown

      The witness said she pulled out her phone when Brooks repeatedly yelled at the woman and poured the water on her. It’s becoming more and more common for people to record these types of things on their mobile devices.

      • Low Profile

        Guess that’s supposed to justify the “fight, fight” cheering and the 20 dollar bet on the white chick? Please. This city’s just full of sad people all the way around.

      • Phyllis

        George she should not have been in the parking lot to begin with that is for visitors and patients, the staff have their own parking lot across the street, but her majesty is to good to walk that far.

    • MOM

      The kind we’re so thankful for; otherwise, people like Henri would continue to get by with thier garbage.

      • Low Profile

        The kind who’ll sit back and record someone else being beaten to death rather than put down the camera and save a life and, heaven forbid, use that phone to call the police. That’s the “kind”. They were probably disappointed with their footage – no voyeuristic bloodsport to post on youtube for their few seconds of notoriety.


        @ Low Profile – What are you talking about? Who is chanting “fight”? The 7th grade kid? Did you completely ignore the part where his mother corrected him? Who is getting beaten? What fight is this person supposed to break up? Theres a lot of violent people in this city, charging into a fight that you know nothing about and have nothing to do with is a great way to get yourself injured. The police had already been called, security was there. So this person did it for the notoriety? Do you know her name? Do you think she got paid for this video? Did it for the fame? “Next on hollywood squares, the woman who filmed absolutely nothing!!” Seriously, it sounds like your projecting a conflict or something that happened to you at some other point in time. You also sound like a raving lunatic.

    • Terrie

      @ Low – you really sound like one of those ‘sad people’ too. Point is, its the beginning of the end the blacks in power, finally!

  • whoyoukiddin

    I don’t know how anyone could watch the video. It gave me a headache and it really doesn’t show much. The point is Justice is finally coming to Henri Brooks. She thinks she is above the law and she isn’t. I hope no one votes for her for juvenile court clerk. If they do elect her we will still be tormented by her racism and ignorance.

    • thehood

      She will win by a landslide. The black people in Memphis will do anything to keep their blacks in office.

      • atjohnson

        Hello THEHOOD. All black people in this county do not think the same just as all White, Hispanic, Asian Native Americans etc.don’t think the same. Memphis needs both black and white leaders who won’t use the division to stay in office. We need leaders that don’t portray people who don’t look like us as the enemy. That’s when you will see a shift in the culture of the city that facilitates growth. We can’t let others negative behavior provoke negative behavior in us.


        If there were more people in Memphis that shared your mentality, maybe I wouldn’t be planning my exodus out of this city. And maybe there is, but their voices are drowned out by the ignorant calls from both sides of the racist fence. Stay strong sir, and keep up the good fight. Unfortunately, it seems as if you’ve got a long fight ahead of you.

      • Hard Truths

        WRONG. By NO means are all blacks racists like Henri Brooks, and they’ll prove it on Election Day.

        Brooks will run 10-15 points behind the rest of the Democratic ticket. Just watch!

  • DirtyDova

    “Community and government research specialist”

    Talk about a bogus job, kind of like being a community organizer. Firing Brooks and kicking her off the commission is a good first step to purging Democrat racists from office.

    • Phyllis

      hahaha Exactly, and she will get another one through her friendship with our illustrious mayor and his wonderful wife.

  • Zundapp

    What someone needs to check out is who was she (Brooks) calling during this recording. I’d guess that she is probably on a cell phone that is actually a “county issued” (or contracted with/through or by Shelby County) and therefore, the call records should be part of the public domain and NOT private or privileged. I would further surmise that based on the numerous attempts to exit the scene (in the first 11 minutes), that was either the advice, or at a minimum her (Brooks) preferred/desired result. Receipent caller = Advisor!

  • Omega

    A great victory torward a better Memphis in the future. Racism cannot be tolerated on any side. The sooner everyone knows that the sooner we can start working together. Good job wreg for keeping the pressure up! Keep it up! Now you need to focus on A C Wharton and his wife because they’re obviously in the same racist club Ms. Brooks is.

    • Hard Truths

      I won’t say A C is a racist, but he certainly owes Memphis an explanation for his continued support of Henri Brooks.

      I suspect Boss Ruby (quite the ra cist herself) has laid down the law.

  • Phyllis

    She was with Faith and Health for the community, give me a break did she have Reverend Wright helping her with her faith~~~

  • memphissux

    my wife who is an Hispanic, gave me a whole new Spanish lesson when she heard brooks’s tirade against Hispanics, i guess she doesn’t need the his hispanic votes, in her gerrymandered district

  • 1midtownmike

    Bad day for racists in Memphis…….you wanted to make Memphis a “black city” and this is the so called leadership you get. Props to AC for falling on Henri’s sword…..you may have been stupid, but at least you were loyal.

  • waldonfsxcbxb

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    • Terrie

      NO ONE will touch her after all this mess!!! Baptist will NOT “Create” a job for her either. We are witnessing the demise of the black government in Memphis people!!! Say bye bye too all that free stuff ya’ll have been getting from your ‘brothers & sisters” in office! Haaa

      • LaCantrell J

        What? With her credentials, with her work history & experience – she should have not problem working at McDonald’s, or on Lamar street, or off Brooks. It would suit her well, providing she evades due process and her well-earned jail time!

  • Long Gone

    “Earlier, Methodist confirmed Brooks was a community and government research specialist with Methodist’s Congregational Health Network in its Faith and Health division since 2006”.
    This sounds like a made up job. The questions that should be asked now, When was this position created, What are the qualifications, What is the job description, who had this position before Ms. Brooks?
    How many of these jobs exist and who currently fill these positions?

  • Paul barcroft

    I wish one of the news stations would do some research on this position at Methodist she had. I’d like to know how big these departments are she worked and how many people have or have had the same position. I’m sure this position is long standing and will be posted soon on their site.

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