One dead, others hurt in Bartlett crash

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — One person is dead and several others have been hurt in a crash in Bartlett.

A man was driving a black Chevy Avalanche west on Daybreak and ran a stop sign, hitting another vehicle traveling northbound on Billy Maher.

The other vehicle, a Silverado, had two passengers and was hit on its right side.

Both vehicles spun and rolled over, with the Silverado hitting a third vehicle.

The third vehicle’s passenger, a woman , was taken to Regional Medical Center. Her condition was stable.

The Avalanche’s driver, 45-year-old Eugene Delong, was pronounced dead at the scene.


  • DC

    Nice editing skills…”Silverhado”, “and went through a stop sign”. How about Silverado and “ran a stop sign”.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      DC, I honestly.belIeve proper grammar Is a dyIng art. fyI, my I looks lIke a lIttle L In here ever sInce they changed the format.

  • Anonymous

    I swear I feel like I’m among about 5% of drivers that actually stop at stop signs and signal lane changes. It amazes me how people can ignore these extremely simple ways of preventing accidents.

  • jake

    Okay it may be simple but hard when your having a seizure. Get all the facts before you comment on something.

    • GoGrizzGo85

      I was afraid it was something like that :( I googled his name after it was released and saw that he owns a farm in the area and assumed it had to be something medical for him to run a stop sign in an area he knew so well. Sending up prayers for his loved ones.

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