Henri Brooks investigated for possible residency violation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks is under investigation.

There are allegations Brooks no longer lives within her district.

The investigation was opened Friday after a complaint was filed

"That's being dishonest to the community. We don't need nothing like that in office," said Reginald Dawson who lives in Whitehaven.

Dawson was shocked to hear the recent allegations that Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks lied about living in her district for years, "She's lying. Period."

Monday Commissioner Terry Roland called Brooks out during a vote, "I'm calling into question the validity of the vote. Based on an investigation going on by the county attorneys office."

They are investigating whether Brooks ever lived in her district.

In public documents she listed a home on South Parkway as her residence, but another family lives there, and says she hasn't lived there for years.

On her petition papers to run for juvenile court clerk, she listed a home on Crump as her address.

That home is not in district 2.

No one answered the door to verify if she is living there.

"It says if you even move out of your district you have to step down immediately, well she's never lived in it," Roland said.

Roland says Brooks should step down immediately.

Some of her constituents agree, but they also wonder how she got away with this for so long without anyone noticing until a few weeks before her term is up.

Dawson said, "Yeah we need to do some investigation in that."

Last week, Brooks was arrested and charged with assault after an incident in a parking lot where Brooks reportedly grabbed a woman by the arm, took her phone and poured water over her head.


  • Phyllis

    Well she is leaving the commission in two months, will you take a bet whether her buddy the mayor of Memphis pulls some strings and gets her the juvenile clerk job? Bet she gets that job, and I feel sorry for the poor kids of Memphis.

    • Terrie

      He can’t pull any strings without breaking the law himself. Let him do it! They’ll both go to jail!

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