Heavy rain causes road damage in Marshall County

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MOUNT PLEASANT, Miss. -- We don’t normally see the kind of rain and storms we had in the last few weeks.

Heavy rain and high winds nearly every day for almost two weeks took their toll on roads in Marshall County with some washed out and others undermined, but quick repair work got drivers moving again.

There were times over the last couple of weeks that people like Betsy Alison didn’t think the rain would ever stop.

She got particularly concerned about houses surrounded with water.

”I felt sorry for the people with flooding in their yards and all.”

All that water also did a number on Marshall County’s roads, so crews were busy repairing them Monday.

The more the rain fell, the more damage the water did across the County.

”3:30, the calls started coming in from 911 that the water was over the roads and from there, Saturday when I finished, I think I had 17 hours of overtime,” Curt Huey of the Marshall County Road Department said.

Take the problem on Rising Star Road, where the local newspaper caught a picture of some severe flood damage that washed out the ground under the road and threatened people’s safety.

County road workers went to work on numerous trouble spots where shoulders washed away, potholes developed, and roads caved in.

Most have been fixed, while others are marked for danger and have taken high priority for repairs.

County workers say as they make those repairs, they’re shoring up problem areas.

”Some of the pipes we put in, we tried to maybe go a size up, hopefully to handle the water better for the next rain,” said Huey.

That gives some reassurance to people here, who worry about the next round of rain and the damage it could bring.

”I’m just glad they’re fixing all the holes and they’re expanding this highway here and I’m sure it will make it better for the people,” said Alison.

The storms also knocked down trees, blocking roads all over Marshall County, but again, quick work got most of the roads open fairly quickly.