Beale Street Landing prepares for grand opening

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The final touches are being put on Beale Street Landing.  After ten years of design and construction, the restaurant, park, and river view are just two weeks from the grand opening.

Tables and chairs are going in at the Riverfront Bar and Grill. It's the last space to soon open at Beale Street Landing, Memphis' newest river attraction right next to Tom Lee Park.

"All the other amenities that Tom Lee Park doesn't have we have put down here, the restroom space, the places for people to sit, the places for people to get to the water, a food venue," Riverfront Development Corporation President Benny Lendermon, who has been overseeing the project through ups and downs, said.

"We had Katrina come in and drive up cost of river construction. We had the fall of the economy in 2008," Lendermon said.

Still, he says it turned out just like they wanted. Kids now visit the playground where water fountains will soon flow and spectators can get the closest ever view of the river.

"There are places for people to be on top of the island and stand out over the water when the water is high," Lendermon said.

English tourists Eddie and Maureen Cappleman are sold.

"Memphis is a famous city and you have a famous river, the Mississippi as well. That is what attracted us. I wanted to see the Mississippi. I have read about it in all the books," Eddie said.

More tourists are coming since three boats now dock here every week, and people are using that big hump over the restaurant and gift shop as an exercise challenge. The tall structure on top of the building is an elevator for ADA requirements.

There have already been several weddings at Beale Street Landing, all overlooking the mighty Mississippi.

"It's gonna be nice and enjoyable and convenient and you can enjoy this wonderful sunset that we all forget as Memphians. We get used to the river and forget how impressive the river and the sunset are," Lendermon said.

The grand opening of Beale Street Landing is slated for June 27th and 28th, and will include several stages with live music, as well as boat rides for the public.


  • Jim

    The fleecing of the taxpayers of Memphis continues. No money for the fire dept or police dept. But if it’s a building downtown….the leaders are all for it. And yes the baseball team/stadium is still losing money. How much will this cost the working man?

  • Jim

    When the RDC set a grand opening date for June, it announced the project’s final price: $43 million.

    While their website states $10 million came from grants and donations, $33 million will come from the taxpayer to fund a project the RDC said You envisioned all wrong.

  • Hank Jr.

    This is great I for the city. Yes, it was over budget and everything but im the long run it will be great for the city! I’m excited!!

    • Dr. JohnS

      I am with you Hank and think it will do nothing but add more tourists that will spend money which will help the city. We needed something like this for a long time and I am sure that it will go well. Most everyone has heard of Memphis and or the Mississippi River, that is a great attraction there.

  • Henry

    I’m with Hank and Dr. Johns. Lets move Memphis forward. We need a substantial raise in city property taxes to make sure the city’s tourist attractions are maintained. Mud Island is in need of renovations too. It’s time the working people of Memphis step up and make our city great. If raising my taxes helps this great city, I am for it.

  • Sportzfanz

    I’m impressed with this project as well… I love the idea of more to see and do on the river… Looking forward to those sunsets!

  • Joe

    “We had Katrina come in and drive up cost of river construction.”

    Katrina was 9 years ago before construction even started, plus it hit New Orleans and didn’t do squat to Memphis. At least use a realistic excuse like the 2011 Miss. River flooding or something… Goodness, people are stupid.

  • atjohnson

    Memphis needs more destinations for locals and tourists. This city has an unbelievable culture of complaining.

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