What part do politics play in Henri Brooks’ continued controversies?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – County commissioner and juvenile court clerk candidate Henri Brooks' latest controversy involves her arrest for simple assault.

It all started because of an altercation over a parking space in a hospital parking lot.

The Informed Sources discuss the situation, including the Wharton family's seemingly unconditional support of Brooks.


  • Just saying

    HATE CRIME a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

  • Carla Howe

    Right is right and wrong is wrong. I don’t care whether Democrats or Republicans are involved…whether a white person made racial slurs or statements or whether an African American did so. The fact is, Ms. Brooks made statements in her capacity as a public official, in the midst of performing her duties. That makes it a workplace issue and she is creating a hostile work environment. This sets the stage for dysfunction that affects everyone in the community. Add in the incident of last week; her altercation and arrest…and one should see a pattern emerging. As a logical human being…as one who understands morality and ethics, I do not see why people can side with her or support her. No matter what your color or political affiliation, it has to be understood that Ms. Brooks was out of line making her comments in the confines of her position. Her arrest should be just cause to re-evaluate her character and worth as a public official in any capacity. We should expect more of an elected official. Look to the character and morality of the person, look to the background and the qualifications, before deciding if they are the right person for the job. Public office carries the weight and burden of the community…it is not a popularity contest.

  • Holly

    Ms. Zaneta Lowe, how can you agree with any words she said? They are racist words. They are wrong. Anti-Racist Standards are set for all races equally that’s why it is called equally. What;s wrong for one person to say cannot be right for another. We need to stand together and leave the past in the past. It is the only way to save Memphis. It is dying and only unity can save it. We have to drive out racist on all sides. Racism cannot be tolerated by any race. We all must attach it together. We need to elect people based on qualifications and not by the color of their skin. Only through Memphians actively campaigning for peace and ant-racism can we achieve this. We need to do this through Media and Community. We have to talk about it so much it becomes a way of thinking for everyone.

  • Brian Nance

    So let me get this right, Wharton is a major supporter of a racist. That seem to indicate that Wharton is in support of racism. Black or white racism is racism and we don’t need that, or anyone that supports it,
    in this city, in this county or this country.

  • DirtyDova

    “What part do politics play in Henri Brooks’ continued controversies?”

    None. Brooks is a militant black racist who hates Hispanics. I wonder what she will do after Obama lets in millions more Hispanics into the country?

  • Hard Truths

    Henri Brooks is damaging the entire Democratic ticket. She should step down if she has one iota of decency.

    I’m not holding my breath. She is a psycho path who wants the $100K paycheck that comes with the JCC office.

    I also think the Wharton family is skating on thin ice politically by standing by this ra cist. I have voted for A C every time since I moved here in 2000, but I may not vote for him again unless he stands up and denounces Henri Brooks.

    Ruby Wharton is one of the villains in this. It is widely alleged that she is quite a r acist herself.

  • takenobull

    politics???????????? lol its politics? What comes from her mouth and her behavior is politics???? I suppose then when the racist is white that also is politics???? Trust the media to confuse the folks lol

  • 1midtownmike

    3 things are for certain…………………..
    1. There is a double standard in our society.
    2. Henri Brooks is a militant racist who needs anger management counseling.
    3. We now know who wears the pants in the Wharton family.

    • TPA

      You are soooo right,,hate whitey and use racism as a crutch school,,taught by your racist preachers(Jessie Jackson,,Al Sharpton,,Rev Wright),,,yeah,,you actually got this one right….keep it up..

  • Herbert

    If Henri Brookes physically took the woman’s phone she should be charged with robbery. Bottom line, her actions speak for the kind of person she is.

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