Mayor Wharton’s family standing by Henri Brooks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man who worked alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., thinks Commissioner Henri Brooks' behavior goes against everything Dr. King and so many others worked for during the Civil Rights era.

Memphis' first black city council chairman, Fred Davis, spoke out on the Brooks' arrest.

Mayor A C Wharton refused to go on camera or speak about the arrest.

However, his wife Ruby, who's involved in Brooks' campaign. and his son Andre, who is Brooks' attorney, both came to the commissioner's defense.

Davis was a champion for civil rights in Memphis. He knows the pressures of public service and said it means heightened responsibility.

"The job description doesn't have role model on it," Davis said. "Not withstanding that, you end up being one whether you want to be or not."

Commissioner Brooks is charged with simple assault. Witnesses shot video of the incident and said Brooks poured water on a woman and yelled racial slurs over a parking space earlier this week.

If it is true, Davis said the behavior is unacceptable.

"I think some bad decisions were made, some decisions that are very difficult to defend."

Mayor Wharton would not talk about Brooks, but a campaign sign outside his house clearly shows his family still supports her.

"It doesn't change anything! She's moving on!" Ruby Wharton said.

Brooks' attorney, Andre Wharton, said, "In terms of her supporters, her potential supporters, I think they need to isolate the two and look at her qualifications." T

hose qualifications include reforms at Shelby County Juvenile Court over the way minorities are treated.

However, Davis said Brooks' current actions are hurting race relations, and her sense of entitlement will get her nowhere.

"There are some things you can't take," Davis said. "You can only earn."

WREG reached out to several of Brooks' fellow commissioners. None of them wanted to talk about the arrest.

She only has a couple of months left in that office.


    • Hard Truths

      Mr. Davis is a wise and decent man. I’ve known him a long time.

      I do not understand the Wharton’s family’s position in this. A C is a good guy, I think he needs to distance himself from Henri Brooks.

      On the other hand, I have heard that Ruby Wharton is QUITE the racist, and I know nothing about their son Andre. A young lawyer trying to make a name for himself, I suppose.


        Cary Vaughn – Doing the right thing and being ethical should never be a difficult position. He either has no spine or more than likely shares Brooks and his wife’s racist views.

      • Politicians Aren't Trustworthy

        AC Wharton is a politician. He is a good guy to whoever can benefit him the most.

      • Amy Green

        This city is so divided. Why are we still dividing each other by the amount of melatonin in our skin? It is just plain ignorant. I don’t want someone in ANY office that focuses on skin color. We need solution for the TERRIBLE crime in our city!

      • Chris Houck Sr.

        Davis does seem to be. Elected official need to be no bias, if they have any prejudices towards any other cultures they do not need to represent the community. The only way we can stop the prejudices in Memphis is stop it with ourselves.

  • Just saying

    HATE CRIME a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.


    Was really disappointed by the Wharton’s Big Let Down THANK YOU MR.Davis for sticking up for what’s right Ms.Brooks IS a HORRIBLE PERSON and if she was white with such views and ANGER she would be ran out of Memphis let alone on the council And running for another spot in gov


    Indicitive of what Memphis is becoming, a once prosperous city that is now being eaten alive by people who make excuses and have an entitlement personality. All I can say is that if a white individual acted like her, they would have been run out of town on a rail, and rightfully so. Just because she is an African – American, it does not negate her from being viewed as a racist. However, Memphis reaps what they sow. Unfortunately, having lived in the Hickory Hill area for many years and having made friendships with some of the finest neighbors one could ever ask for (all African – American), it pains me to see the community being represented by these individuals who do nothing but set race relations backward forty or fifty years with their racist comments. Then, the mayor’s family stands up and supports her. You wonder why educated, middle class families of all races are leaving the city for greener pastures in the suburbs or even Nashvile ??? It is simply because this city’s African – American leadership is actually embracing racism in it’s most basic form. They are no longer even trying to masquerade their conversations politically, they are just spouting out racially charged garbage. I lived in the city for over 25 years, when I read stuff like this, I shake my head and it makes me so very sad to see what this once proud and blended city has now become. Unfortunately, I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. If Memphis was to become a progressive community that could put the color of a person’s skin behind them, I would be glad to move back. However, I am happy where I am now. I would have never left in the first place if I did not see the political writing on the wall. God bless you Memphis, because that is the only thing that will be able to help you now.

  • DoubleStandards

    The proof is seen daily across this nation of the double standard that exists on racism. Paula Deen absolutely crucified for using a racial slur years ago. Donald Sterling recorded in his home. Hank Williams Jr, Howard Cossell, Jimmy Snyder, the list is endless of whites who have been castigated and discriminated against for stating their view. They lose their businesses, they are shunned for their views yet the black community shows their true colors by continually elected these incompetent racists and bigots. Yet here we have someone who in less than 6 weeks has shown her racist views and is she removed from office? Is she even censored for her white hating view on life? Not only is she getting a free pass for her skin color, she is openly supported by the Mayor, the highest elected position in this city. This city is disintegrating before our very eyes. The Fords, Whartons, Herentons, and numerous others are racist to their very core yet their bigoted opinions are ignored while other races are burned at the stake. Politically correct, double standard hypocrisy, is what these people represent. The media supports this minority view across this nation too stupid to realize the vast majority of people do not subscribe to it.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      And yet we have “White People” putting up signs on jobs saying Blacks are not allowed to drink from this fountain! Yes, we have ignorance in all races, especially to include the white race. Two wrongs do not make it right, but don’t act like there isn’t “Double Standards” on both ends, some of us have experienced it all our lives, but you can only see it when it happens to a Henri Brooks, who by the way means nothing to me.

    • Pride N Memphis

      Sure there are double standards. They exist for Blacks and Whites, rich and poor, men and women etc. The examples that you use, Paula Deen and Sterling and the others, were charges brought against them by their own race. It sadden me to know that Blacks and other minorities get blamed for most Whites misfortunes. It amaze me the racist comment that are made, usually by the same bloggers, but they never describe any positive contribution they had mad to this city or to society in general. And just for the record AC is not Ms. brooks Lawyer but his son and his wife is so why do he get any blame about Ms. Brooks action?

    • Just saying, too

      Honestly, as a black woman, I have only EVER known two black people that have hated white people and I made it my business to stay away from them. I don’t need that kind of hatefulness and negativity in my life. Unfortunately, the few of you that have spilled hatred for months do so under LIES, MYTHS, and BANDWAGONING. Blacks simply don’t spend their days thinking of ways to best hurt you…your hatred towards a whole group of people (many of whom disagree with the state of the city, also) is what hurts you. GROW UP!


    “She’s moving on” alright. And the City of Memphis keeps standing still. Vote out these ignorant racist clowns. Most of them are socially conservative and back big business and corporations like a Republican anyway. Look how Wharthog is trying to screw public workers because they spent the money that was promised to the pensions.

  • 1midtownmike

    “She’s moving on!” Ruby Wharton said.
    Maybe she’ll finally realize that slavery was abolished almost 15o years ago and every day IS NOT April 4, 1968.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Sickofthelazyracist ni-gg-ers

    People look around at any city or country where black are the leaders. It’s nothing but chaos. You can’t take the jungle out of the mon—-key and you aren’t suppose to bring the mon—keys here from the jungle

  • Sickofthelazyracist ni-gg-ers

    Amazing how you know which people that are responding on here are black. It’s that Ghetto culture.

  • Ricky

    Let’s make sure, “she goin’ on,” to the jail. She needs to be run out of office for the assault and charged with a hate crime if the victim was white. Enough double standards for these t-urds.

    • Hard Truths

      I agree with you, but I see a lot of racist behavior by whites that goes unpunished, too, that judge in Mississippi for example. Sounds like his assault and “Run, n*****r, run!” taunt to the young disabled man will go unpunished, too.

      The South is just sick that way.

      Equality means we should be held to equal standards of behavior.

      And, let me add to the chorus: Henri Brooks is one sorry, pathetic th ug.

  • Hard Truths

    I think Boss Ruby is the real de vil in this. She intimidates AC. Andre is a baby lawyer on the make.

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