Osceola cleans up after strong storm

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OSCEOLA, Ark. -- Frank Borden and his son ran for cover when a violent storm took aim on Osceola, Arkansas last week.

When they emerged from the shelter a huge tree was in the middle of Borden's home, "I didn't know what to think when I seen that tree down in my front room. So, it got rough."

All around Osceola you could hear the roar of chain saws.

High winds also caused damage to some of Mississippi County's corn crop, bending stalks and even breaking them.

Water is standing in fields where cotton and soybeans are just starting to grow.

Extension agent Jason Osborn said some crops can tolerate the extreme water, but farmers can't get into soggy fields to apply herbicides to kill fast growing weeds, "From the time the Pigweed sprouts, till it's two or three days growth, it can grow four or five inches under the right growing conditions."

The hope is dry weather will move in long enough to let things dry up.