MPD searching for suspects in burglary and chase

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police have two people in custody, and are looking for two more.

Police responded to a prowler call in the 3500 block of Pearson.

It was reported four males in a Chevy Suburban broke into the home then were followed by a witness.

Police pursued the vehicle until the driver crashed, jumped out and ran.

Officers have concentrated their search near Kirby and 385.



  • 122811

    How do yall think yall will catch him and yall are telling the area they are searching….kinda slow to me.

  • Jimmy

    The suspects are 4 black men. Why not give a description, News 3? It’s ok to give a description is it not? Disgusting is the word to describe the new politically correct news stations. It’s all about the ratings baby. Don’t want to make our viewers upset…pathetic.

    • George Brown

      Police have not given and descriptions Jimmy. We give descriptions when given by police and not totally generic. To say police are looking for 4 white men means nothing to anyone. To say they are looking for a white male with a lightning bolt on their forehead is helpful.

      • Chris Williams II

        Now, if the police say 4 black men, with no lightning bolts on their foreheads, in a black Chevy Suburban, then what, George?

  • The Real Chris Williams Jr

    Guess they got the info from channel 5. They usually tell the names before news 3. Somebody is paying somebody

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