Oxford excited for College World Series

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OXFORD, Miss. -- Oxford may have no bigger Ole Miss baseball fan than Shannon Lovejoy, who has kept detailed statistics on the team’s progress for almost 30 years.

”Oh yes, all the through the game, the people sitting around me will ask me what the pitch count is, what somebody did the last time they were up at bat. And also I get text messages throughout the game from people asking the same things."

She knew this year’s team had something special, but even she couldn’t contain her excitement when Ole Miss made it to this year’s College World Series in Monday night’s game.

”I was jumping up, yelling and screaming. I was the only one at home so nobody heard, but I scared the cat."

To Oxford baseball fans, it’s just like making it to the Super Bowl.

”Oh, absolutely. Around here, yeah. It’s gonna be a lot of partying, a lot of good times, a lot of taxi driving," said Shane McKinley of Oxford.

He believes the celebration will result in lots of people being carried home.

It’s been a long wait for Ole Miss baseball fans, who haven’t seen their team in the College World Series since 1972.

They say that makes them even more determined to win.

Nobody knows that better than Lovejoy, who’s documented every step of the team’s progress.

She says Ole Miss has the talent to go all the way to a national championship.

”They have more confidence it seems. They just get out there and they do whatever it takes to get a hit or an out. They just don’t give up."

And it’ll take just that kind of determination to win the College World Series.