Fake instructor cons students out of thousands

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis woman is charged with impersonating a licensed professional.

Constance Williams is accused of pretending to be a pharmaceutical technician and instructor to con at least ten people out of their money.

Police say the hope for a better job and better future led those people to hand over cash to a woman with a promise she couldn't keep.

Williams is accused of taking people's money, promising them she could get them certified to be a pharmacy technician.

Police say Williams was not licensed and was not a real instructor.

"It's an eight-month course and they go for four hours a day," said Sunethia Guy, an academic dean for Concorde Career College.

At Concorde, students study for 32 weeks to earn their lab coat, "compounding, IV skills as well as non-compounding, such as medicine," said Guy.

Guy says from the police report it appears Williams was offering people certification without the hard work.

"Exactly. That was exactly what she was doing," Guy said.

If you have hopes of being a pharmacy tech yourself, before you hand over hundreds of dollars to the wrong person, Guy says make sure the person is credentialed.

"Also they would want to ask what hospital or retail pharmacy they are affiliated with so you can actually call the supervisor and see if they actually work there."

Those steps may have prevented ten people from losing around $3,000.


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