Businesses furious about nearly 100 dumped tires

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Nearly 100 tires were dumped on the side of the road in South Memphis, and police don't know where they came from or who put them there.

James Waide, who owns a business on Linda Drive, is used picking up a piece of trash or two.

"But today was a little bit unusual," he said.

As Waide drove into work, he saw 75 to 100 tires lying in a grassy and wooded area across the street.

The tires were used, worn out,and dumped into four piles.

"Oh my God," Waide shouted. "I said, I got to call somebody."

Waide said he called police and learned Memphis International Airport owned the property.

Airport maintenance workers showed up Monday morning to clean up the mess.

"When there's a big problem like today, they'll show up and they'll try and take care of it as best they can," Waide said. "I think that this is a little more than have seen."

Business owners in the area want the illegal dumping to stop because they believe it will bring more litter bugs.

"They throw a few things out and if you don't get them up right away, it's just like a magnet," Waide said.

An airport spokesperson said things like this happen from time to time.

Airport administration plans on adding no dumping signs on the street following this incident.

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