Off-duty Memphis police officer charged

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – An off duty Memphis Police officer was arrested at the Memphis International Airport early Saturday morning.

Memphis Police tell us that Ronald Harris is in jail on at $25,000 bond after attempting to take items from a female victim and then getting into a fight with a witness who was trying to help the woman.

Harris is charged with aggravated assault, evading arrest, robbery and other charges.

Ronald Harris is due in court tomorrow.


  • Chris Williams Junior

    Forgot, … watch his union step up and tell everyone why he should keep his job.

    • Hard Truths

      Minimum IQ at MPD is 84.5.

      How do you like a semi-imbecile with a gun, a badge, a uniform, and the power of life and death over civilians?

      Oh, and a union that will defend his conduct, no matter how outrageous.

      I guess this is part of the crime wave the police union head Williams was warning us about.

      These pigs are THUGS.

  • Geordie Laforge

    And this dirtbag, who is paid to protect the people of Memphis, tried to steal from a family who’s child was being granted a wish by Make-A-Wish MidSouth! MPD…who/what are you hiring???

    • Dr. JohnS

      When I read the story I could only think of two places that Tony Armstrong must be recruiting at. One a mental hospital and two, those released from a penitentiary. I normally can think of something good but there is nothing good about this story.

  • Ron

    they know he did it but they still pay the dome If someone did that and wasn’t on the police and was in jail they wouldn’t get paid. that’s one thing that is wrong and stupid in Memphis paying people in jail.

  • mr matt

    greed and a sense of entitlement is what makes cops crooked. a big “im the law, i do what i want” attitude

  • Adrian Jones

    When will Mayor Wharton and Director Armstrong be called by city council like they did Herenton for explanation and plan of action going forward for this mounting corruption. Williams want support for these type of offices(?). LMBO, SMH

  • antonio

    Every time I flip on the news, I see a Memphis police officer in the headlines. This is insanity.

  • Meme

    I’m saddened by the incident with the make a wish family, but more disappointed in the ignorance of the people who comments are negative with the MPD. All MPD employees are not bad and many of them are answering your 911 call for help. I’m and educated person who chose to work for the public I love my job but we not appreciated by the city.

  • Meme

    While everyone make jokes about MPD try not having no law and see where the city would be. R. Harris was wrong and mental unstable but there is one of him on every job. People need to ride along with the police and Fire department to see what we see and stop stereotyping everyone because there still good people out there. GOD BLESS.

  • Candice

    Mental Illness is real. It is quite unfortunate this officer was failed by the very system he works for. Unfortunately because he did not exhibit behavior that warranted an evaluation in front of his peers and supervisors, this was the outcome. At some point if mental illness is not properly treated, this is the result. We are thankful none was seriously hurt, but this could have turned out another direction. Memphis police have some good officers, not all, but some. If you think about it, why the airport. Why would he return to the scene of the crime to get caught. How could he possibly know what was in the bag. Unfortunately this happened to be a representative from this organization. There was no indication that she worked for the Make A Wish Foundation. The brown bag did not indicate that there were 5 t-shirts and a gift card, one gift card. It was a brown paper bag. He did not steal from a child, he simply grabbed a bag that was meant for a trip, for a child. And to clear up other points. Officer Harris backed into a light pole in the parking lot of Walgreens causing minor damage to the bumper of a new squad car. He had a couple missed calls because he was asleep. He worked the midnight shift where you are subject to see a line of police cars in what we call “The Hole.” He called in more than allowed. It’s a stressful job where our pay is being cut, we are short staffed, our lives are on the line each and every day, but we are strongly criticized. To my understanding this officers wife came in contact with the police department on 2 separate occasions and asked that he be evaluated and she was told each time that he appeared fine in front of his colleagues. Not to mention he had been off work for 2 months because his doctor took him off, not the police department. He was relieved of duty after the accident occurred this past Saturday. It is unfortunate the news only reports half truths before getting the information from the correct sources. Officer Harris was one of the good officers, educated, with a very humble spirit. The system failed him not once, not twice, but several times. Please don’t condemn him or all officers of Memphis because mental illness is in fact real.

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