Memphis police officer accused of trying to rob a Make-A-Wish Family

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(Memphis) A bizarre crime landed a Memphis police officer in jail.

Police say off-duty police officer Ronald Harris tried to rob a woman at the Memphis International Airport.

According to the police report, he also injured a family member of a Make-A-Wish recipient who tried to stop him.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation gave a family a credit card so they could travel and make a wish come true.

From the police report, it seems Harris was after that money.

Harris is accused of trying to steal a brown paper bag at the airport.

A St. Jude employee brought the bag for the family taking a trip, thanks to Make-A-Wish.

The bag contained five St. Jude T-shirts and $1,500 on a credit card for the family.

Harris is accused of following the St. Jude employee into the airport and trying to steal the bag, then head-butting a man who tried to stop him.

That man, who needed stitches on his forehead, was a family member of the Make-A-Wish recipient.

“Are you sure it was him?” asked Marsha Turner, Harris’s’ Horn Lake neighbor.

Neighbor Marsha Turner describes Harris as a friendly and quiet guy but the police report says when officers finally got Harris into custody he fought, even kicking open the police car door, escaping and trying to run.

“That doesn't sound like the kind of neighbor he is,” said Turner.

The Memphis Police Department says its suspended Harris from the force until it completes an internal investigation

“I can’t believe it's him,” said Turner.

The now suspended officer faces a long list of charges including escape from felony incarceration, robbery and aggravated assault. His bond is set at $25,000. He's expected in court Monday.

Harris works at the Airways precinct and has been with the Memphis Police Department since 2002.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Police say children were present when this alleged crime happened.


  • Don

    I hope the officer does the right thing and say that Tony & AC knew what he was doing. None of them will get a share now.

    • Alex

      I think they’re all corrupt too… but your comment is nigh on about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read…

      • Meme

        It is not fair to group all police that is wrong. One rotten apple should not spoil the whole group. I’m a public service work who and I take my job serious by following the golden rule.

    • Hard Truths

      No, he’s just doing what come natural to the kind of people hired by MPD.

      MPD is riddled with corruption from top to bottom. MPD is a CRIMINAL STREET GANG.

      • sonny

        One more reason why TENNESSEE has been voted the most corrupt state in the nation.The question is when is TENNESSEE going to do something about police all over not just Memphis.

    • Sheila

      Remind me again why no one wants to move their family or their business to Memphis.
      Could it be the violent crime? OH, I forgot, crime is down. Never mind. Who will be shot, stabbed or beaten on the mean streets of Memphis today? Move your family out ASAP. Memphis is a war zone and the thugs are winning.

  • Hard Truths

    TYPICAL Memphis cop.
    They protect each other. This guy was busted ONLY because he was off-duty and out of uniform. MPD is a pack of thieves and thugs.

    • Pest Control

      Oh yea. MPD does this kind of thing all the time right. . . . .Uhhh no.
      This guy was an idiot, probably on drugs.

      • Hard Truths

        Drugs? Crack, most likely. He should be subjected to an immediate drug test, as a condition of his PAID suspension.

        Is he typical? Well, there’s one arrested every two weeks. It is reasonable to assume, by now, that the entire barrel is rotten. HOW MANY MORE will it take to convince you we have a rotten police department?

        This department is rotten to the core. Memphis needs to FIRE the ENTIRE police department, rehire the ones who are KNOWN to be honest and competent, and ask Governor Haslam to send in the National Guard until this police department is rebuilt from the ground up.

    • Memphian

      Shame on you and anyone else that lumps the great male and female officers that serve our city with the criminals that sign up with MPD simply for a paycheck and benefits. We have officers that truly keep us safe, so that you are even able to sit there and make ridiculous posts online. Many of our officers are risking their lives and getting drugs/guns off the streets. Fortunately for you, these men and women will be there if you ever call.

      • DefendURSelf

        Seems to me like there are two kinds of people who become police officer (anywhere). Those who enjoy the power and prestige and use that for their own personal gain – and those who are truly the epitome of honor. The second group are the kind who joined to help people and serve their community, often with great personal sacrifice. Sadly, the 2nd group is a minority in any department (IMHO). To those fine individuals, MUCH RESPECT! Now if we can just keep catching, convicting, and otherwise weeding out the ROTTON ones, the city will be better for it! So far, it’s been shown that the ROTTEN ones are Pimps, Robbers, Drug Users, Thieves, etc. so use your phones and record them at every opportunity. Tennessee is a ONE-Party consent state and you are within your rights to record anything you choose – regardless if the police want you to. ( Don’t be intimidated by threats of arrest to protect yourself. They record you on Dash Cams, so be sure you do the same! You have that right – it IS America after all, so defend yourself!

      • Hard Truths

        Memphian, get off your high police horse and answer just one question:

        Just how many bad apples does it take to conclude that the barrel is FULL of rotten apples?

        How did this criminal get to be a cop in the first place? Answer — a Herenton hire.

        Just how long are we supposed to put up with this corrupt, criminal police department, Memphian?

        You’re a cop, probably one of the hundreds of crooked cops still on the force.

        You aren’t very bright, either, but that should go without saying.

    • Hard Truths

      A cop’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Salaries are too low — to support their crack addictions.

      Seriously, WHEN is Memphis gonna get serious about cleaning up its police department?

  • johnny dee

    this is a wasted piece of human trash!He needs to be put under the jail,and thats too good for him!

  • mhw

    This is about as reprehensive as it gets. Toney Armstrong you had better step up and do something about this kind of police officer in this city. We look bad enough without having someone children look up to be the one stealing from them when they are ill. DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • Christopher Williams Junior

    He’s kind of cute. Look like he’ll be losing his job and I don’t want a man with no job!

  • Don

    Police say, Ronald Harris grabbed the bag and tried to take off. Moore then grabbed Harris and a fight started. Harris took off and Moore was hurt during the fight.

    I would think that Nathan Moore Would do the citizens of Memphis a favor and file suit against the city for his injuries, It is very likely he may have some problems later on.

    The city has been hiring people who don’t need to be on the Police Dept. There should be some officers who serve and protect, instead of stealing from the citizens.

    AC Wharton and Tony don’t care, they are just waiting on sun down and payday. Both should retire before they are arrested for impersenating leadership.

  • The Real Chris Williams Jr

    The guy who stole my name but he is correct. He does look nice and I need a man that has a job who can takes care of me.

  • Hard Truths

    Shame on the Memphis Police Department.

    Shame on the Memphis Police Association, the union that will defend him.

    Shame on A C Wharton, who is too afraid of the police union to say a word.

    Shame on Toney Armstrong, who is also too afraid of the police union to say a word.

  • Certified Chris Williams JR

    OK, CWJR imposters, BEGONE!!


  • The Real Chris Williams Jr

    See Certified Chris proved he loves the men. He called him attractive. I knew he liked men because he and John S hooked up.

  • gdhjdsjd

    actually, millionaire white guy, sadly Easy E was correct. see for an eye opener. That is probably 0.05% of the actual misconduct by police check it out.

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