Storm, fire shut down Delta Medical Center’s emergency room

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Delta Medical Center's emergency room was shut down and not accepting any new patients on Friday.

Thursday's storm knocked out a transformer, and a gas line erupted into a massive fire.

The lobby at the hospital was dark and quiet Friday, but the parking lot was loud and full of activity.

MLGW crews worked to fix this big mess the storm left behind.

Heavy rains and strong winds made trees topple over, taking power lines right along with them.

"We're relying on emergency power at the moment," Bill Paterson, CEO of Delta Medical center, said.

Patterson said the hospital is only working with the patients they have in their care right now.

"We're asking that they go to another hospital for that service," Patterson said about walk-ins.

Hospital staff has their hands full.

"It was a scary fire that had big flames," Patterson said.

The fire raged for two hours and took nearly 100 firefighters to put it out.

"The transformer actually ignited a gas line," Patterson said.

People who drove through the area on Thursday saw smoke billowing into the sky and flames shooting out of this building.

"Families of loved ones in our care, I want to reassure them their loved ones are in good hands," Patterson said.

While phone lines are down, families and patients can call 901-229-5894.

The hospital is hoping to begin accepting new patients on Monday if everything is back up and running.