Nashville mayor offers Memphis advice

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's the city Memphians sometimes love to hate - Nashville.

It's been ranked among America's most affordable places to live and recently voted as the best in barbecue.

Friday that rivalry was set aside as a group of Memphians welcomed the mayor of Nashville in an effort to help make both cities better.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Memphis Mayor A C Wharton are mayors of Tennessee's two largest cities, yet some would consider them rivals.

"We make too much of this rivalry between Memphis and Nashville, which quite frankly doesn't make much sense," said Mayor Wharton.

Any talk of problems was put aside Friday to talk about a future of working together and growing together.

Mayor Dean was the speaker at Summons to Memphis, an event bringing other mayors to Memphis to talk about their successes.

"I think we can learn together. We're sister cities 200 miles apart. Lets talk about what we can do together. That's the basic idea here," said sponsor Henry Turley.

Mayor Dean said, "You need to be a city about the future, which is technology, but cities rise and fall by the people who live in their city and you want to be a city that produces and attracts talent, and you need to be warm welcoming city, which is the tolerance piece."

Dean says a tolerance for diversity is essential, and so is upgrading transportation to stay economically competitive.

As far as that rivalry goes, both men want to capitalize on things binding us together, like music.

Wharton said, "When folks come in here on the steam ship they want to see all forms of good Southern music, country music, blues, so hey lets work together and package it."

The state's capital city is already making the most of its country music tradition. There's a new downtown convention center, a TV show named Nashville, plus the planned National Museum of African American Music and its building around that brand.

Mayor Dean says tourism is now the city's number one industry.


  • The Real Nonya

    Diversity fo Memphis would be having more white people. What Mayor Dean wants to to take the best and brightest of Menphis and replace them with the dregs of Nashville.

    Let’s face it, Memphis has nothing going for it. It’s an arm pit.

  • FightForYourRights!!!

    The Nashville Mayor summed it up right there. Shelby County and Memphis leadership should take note, but it appears Wharton didn’t take it seriously. Memphis is a industrial and warehouse district. These jobs pay low and create little to no help to the economy. The money maker at the moment isn’t Bass Pro-shop as these simple minded people running the show what you to think. It is technology! But the harsh truth is most people involved in technology as a career are not African-American. In fact they are the lowest demographic in the field. Memphis has poor education and most of the minority aka majority her live in fatherless homes with no direction. The minority aka majority are extremely hateful and racist to non-African-Americans, so basically they are going to sink themselves. If you want to fix the problem then these leaders need to start taking on the real racially fired issues, and stop trying to run off everyone who is different than you. Stop playing the race card. Stop hating people for something for a crime they did not commit against you. Stop looking for the easy-way and start taking responsibility. Why doesn’t WREG ask our Mayor these tough questions? Why don’t we call them on their nonsense? It is time these news stations started trying to help solve the issue instead of just shrugging it off. The news is our frontline to press our leadership to wake up! If you agree with my post, PLEASE contact the WREG producer under the contact link of this website. Tell them it is time to step it up and ask the hard questions!

    • Hard Truths

      WELL SAID. The great scourge of Memphis is BLACK RACISM. They will not stop until the last white person is driven out of the city, and they have their ethnically-cleansed paradise. With no taxpayers. No more bread and circuses. Then they will turn on one another. Oh, and the decent blacks will have fled alongside the whites, count on it.

      Memphis is not the next Detroit. It is the next East St. Louis. Thanks for everything, KING WILLIE.

  • hank wesson

    we travel to Nashville at least 20 to 30 times a year and have never been disapointed the people in Nashville treat us like family as if they have known you for life and not a stranger love Nashville go Titans

  • smith

    Let’s give Nashville Wharton and we get Dean, and see how long Wharton last in Nashville. Memphis is gone, “On my way to Detroit City”

    • Thomas H. Evans

      No, lets not give Wharton to Nashville, lets vote him out of office and “HOPE” to get someone in there who really understands what it takes to run a city (Collins and Strickland are not the answer either). I completely agree with “Fightforyourrights,” until there are truly honest discussions about the race issues in Memphis this city will simply one day fall off the map.

  • mike

    Move away you say, You will just be followed . White flight didn’t work as you can see. Get rid of welfare quit giving lowlifes a reason to breed.

  • Greg

    What rivalry? I’ve never ever heard of any rivalry!!!!!!!!!! Everybody knows Nashville is far superior to Memphis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gary

    I just hope what’s in Memphis will stay in Memphis ,nobody wants the animals they have prowling the streets there in their city or town .

  • Don

    The staff erased 2 of my posts today, just because I agreed that Nashville and their mayor was better than their Memphis. I do believe WREC staff are raciest and I didn’t say anything that wasn’t the truth.

  • 1midtownmike

    Wharton said, “When folks come in here on the steam ship they want to see all forms of good Southern music, country music, blues, so hey lets work together and package it.”

    Will they eventually be able to dock @ Beale Street Landing AC?

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