Teen charged with robbing men at ATM outside Raleigh Springs Mall

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An 18-year-old is behind bars after police say he and another armed robber held up two men at gunpoint at the Bank of America ATM outside Raleigh Springs Mall.

Jeffery Bowens and a second suspect got away with about $240 in cash and a cellphone.

“I've been coming here a long time. I never thought you would get robbed up here because security normally sits over there,” said customer Angela Hudson.

News Channel 3 didn't see a security guard parked outside the bank Thursday, but it was security cameras that helped police capture Bowens.

Detectives say they tracked the alleged teen robber to his house, where they found the stolen phone and the exact same clothes he wore during the robbery.

Bowens is off the streets, but bank customers say they are still changing their banking habits.

“I'm going to look around and see if anybody is standing there,” said Hudson.

Bowens is only 18, but he’s faced several charges in Shelby County before, including theft and burglary


  • The Real HatesElvis

    240 $..???? Why didn’t be do like these white people and beg at the intersections off of the highway. .

  • 1midtownmike

    He’s old enough to know better. That’s why he and the other hood rat fled the scene. He’s worthless and has no place in Memphis’ semi-civilized society. Put him away.

    • The Real Nonya

      Semi-civilized? You are giving them way too much credit! Memphis is a riot with a zip code.

    • SMH

      Wow black crime is really on your mind huh girl! You sound sexually frustrated. Look in the Nashville areas just busted papers. All you’ll see is WHITE CRIME WHITE CRIME WHITE CRIME. . . .Dang I must want some too lol.

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