Tunica County employees concerned they may not have health insurance

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TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. -- Mae Earnhardt is one of many Tunica County employees who say the county's new health insurance doesn't work.

“The guy told me, you know you don't have any insurance,” said Earnhardt.

Tunica County switched insurance providers and employees were given a Xeroxed piece of paper as their new ID card with a handwritten group number at the bottom.

However, when they go to the doctor or the pharmacy, they say they're being told the information on the paper is worthless.

“We have officers out on the street risking and putting lives on the line, trying to protect our community and they're going out there with no coverage,” said Sylvester Thomas, a Tunica County Sheriff’s Deputy.

County employees all shared their complaints at a meeting tonight. County leaders were invited, but no one showed up to listen.

Is this simply a paperwork mix-up ? Or are county employees truly without coverage?

We tried to track down the board of supervisors for clarification with no luck.

Employees say their only bright spot has been the local pharmacist who has filled prescriptions for free until this whole mess is straightened out.


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