Is the American Dream out of reach?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Is the American dream out of reach?

Most Americans think so.

According to a new CNN Money Org Poll, nearly 60 percent of people think the dream is impossible to achieve.

And the younger people have an even worse outlook.

Among people ages 18 to 34, 63 percent say it's impossible.

Meanwhile, blogger Brinton Parker recently did an experiment, on makeup.

She showed up to class three days wearing a different amount of makeup, ranging from none to moderate to heavy.

She heard a range of disparaging comments, mostly from men, about her wearing too much, or too little.

Also, by no you've likely seen the picture burning up the internet. It's on the front page of just about every news site, and it originated right here in the Mid-South.

A woman put her 1-month-old baby on the train of her wedding dress.

Her sister tells WREG it was just for a picture, and that she didn't drag the child down the aisle.